If you’re determined not to give up hope on Steve Jobs announcing a swanky new iPhone at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference next week, then we’ve got something to keep your dream alive.

Twitter user Sebastien Peek (@SebastienPeek) posted a message earlier today claiming “a contact” had seen a truck containing iPhone 4S prototypes making its way to Sydney, Australia. How did he know they weren’t the iPhone 4? Because instead of black or white glass rear panels, they had silver backs similar to the iPod touch…

Peek followed up his tweet with another message to confirm he was serious: “My previous tweet wasn’t a joke. Legitimate.”

Conor Knight of Oaggle.com, who first discovered the tweet, contacted Peek for more information. Peek claims someone offered to purchase the devices for $1,500, but because there were only two on board, the courier could not let them go.

Something about this rumor smells very, very fishy to me. Firstly, why would two prototype iPhone 4S devices be making their way around Australia? And secondly, who would notice these devices in the back of a truck? Surely they would be packaged up and secure rather than showing off their particulars. We all know how secretive Apple is about its upcoming products and prototype devices.

In addition to this, without dismissing the rumor completely, I’m certain it would be easy for someone to mistake an iPod touch – with its silver back – for a new iPhone. Wouldn’t you agree? Or do you think there could be something in this?

  • fojam

    bullshit… whoever the contact was was totally bullshitting
    oh by the way i just got off the phone with michael jackson! he told me he saw a unicorn, but it was made of gold

  • Richard Ryan

    Yeah, and the Titanic bobbed to the surface earlier today and the band was still playing

    • Frankie


  • Hakan

    aha yeah and i am doin your mom!
    oh thats not a joke.. lol

  • Sebastian peek aka Sebastian page isn’t April fools over already??!!

  • Lucas K.

    I call b.s.

    • Manuel

      The force is strong in that comment. I call bs too.

      • Selcuk

        LOL +1

  • STK10

    Being in australia and dealing with truck drivers/couriers at my job its safe to say it was probably actually just a couple of spoons or other silver object he saw.