In case you haven’t heard, a patent troll by the name of “Lodsys” threatened to sue App Store developers for allegedly infringing on the Lodsys patent of in-app upgrades. Apple responded by saying that Lodsys had no right to prosecute based on this patent that Apple licensed years ago.

iOS develepors were very relived that Apple stood up against Lodsys, and the assumption was that the patent troll would back off when faced with the looming, Cupertino giant. It appears that Lodsys won’t take no for an answer. The patent troll has filed lawsuits against seven App Store developers…


“The legal action follows a series of back-and-forth claims and counterclaims by Lodsys and Apple. Inits letter to Lodsys last week, Apple maintained that the company “is undisputedly licensed to these patents and the Apple App Makers are protected by that license.” Despite Apple’s position, Lodsys has gone ahead and disputed the claims anyway, stating that it has been engaged in confidential discussions with Apple and that “there was clearly disagreement on the interpretation of the license terms of Apple’s agreement.”

On its Website, Lodsys also says that it has sent a letter to Apple containing its full legal position, but cannot publish the communication, as it contains confidential information from Apple.”

Lodsys is so confident in its legal justification with these lawsuits that it has promised each sued developer $1,000 if Lodsys is proved wrong in court.

FOSS Patents,

“Obviously, $1,000 is not much to gain considering that even an initial analysis of a patent assertion letter by a qualified attorney will typically cost much more than $1,000. And a lawsuit can cost millions. However, the fact that Lodsys publishes such a promise shows that it really doesn’t believe in Apple’s representations (concerning the scope of the license) at all.”

Lodsys is clearly trying to drive a wedge between Apple and its developers by suggesting that Apple didn’t cover its bases correctly when licensing the Lodsys in-app patent. To prove its point, Lodsys is choosing to bully indie developers that don’t have the funds to fight a legal battle at this scale.

Part of a Q&A with Lodsys,

“Why are you targeting Apple developers or Android developers? Why are you picking on small developers who cannot defend themselves?

This story is about accountability for actions. If you are a Developer, it’s about knowledge about the scope and risks of your own business.

Lodsys has only one motivation: we want to get paid for our rights.”

The patent troll just wants its money. The sued app development companies include Combay, IconFactory, Illusion Labs, Michael G. Karr dba Shovelmate, QuickOffice, Richard Shinerman, and Wulven Game Studios.

Hopefully Apple will continue to stand up to Lodsys and these ridiculous claims. These developers don’t deserve these lawsuits, and Apple should not allow it. With billions of dollars in cash on hand, Apple could just make Lodsys vanish overnight.


  • MrA

    Steve Jobs: Release the hounds..

    • Well said.

      • Night

        Agreed, and no mercy. One thing is to attack apple, which is big and can fight back. But to attack developers that can not defended them self, that really shows Lodsys true face. Lodsys MUST DIE!!!!! (at least in my humble opinion)

    • moi

      someone needs to watch the ‘watchdog’…

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  • Potamus

    Unleash hell.

  • C

    If they really have stolen from lodsys’ patents then they deserve the lawsuits? I don’t get the issue.

    Stealing is wrong, children. They teach you this is bloody elementary school. *eyeroll*

    In-app purchases suck anyways.

    • I agree with C. Why are they a patent troll if they own the patent troll and aren’t paying to license it. Isn’t that the point of a patent?

      Fanboys are so funny because they seem to see nothing wrong w apple suing Samsumg for using something they came up w. Just because I use an iPhone doesn’t mean I want to suck Steve Jobs dick like a lot of the faggots on here.

      I hope LODSYS puts these devs out of business. It’ll save us from the growing number of crappy apps and the people dumb enough to purchase in app content.

      • Night

        That is the point, they are not stealing. With Apple developing license they should be covered (At lease that is what apple says).
        Lodsys does not care and sue anyway, and as Lodsys probably knows that they have no case, the pick on the small developers which do not have the power to fight back.

        Now “C” and “Evil Sebastien” does that sound fair?

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I’m not hating or anything but did any of u guys notice that “developers” is spelled correctly only once in this article… The rest are spelled “develepors.”
    But w/e… I honestly don’t care.I was just saying.

    • MrA

      Hehehe. :p

      Don’t worry Alex we all have those kinda days.

      • Thank you for understanding! Haha 🙂

  • XepptizZ

    Lodsys is going for a cash in. If it really had a watertight case, theyd take on apple.

    • CYDONiOS

      Take a bow son.