We’ve talked about f0recast before, a tool that allows you to figure out if you can jailbreak, and unlock your iPhone. iH8Sn0w, the developer of f0recast, just released an update to the tool, bringing it to version 1.3.

Although no new features were added in this version, f0recast has been updated with the recent jailbreak situations in order to give you an accurate assessment of your unlocking/jailbreaking ability…

Ironically enough, it told me my jailbroken iPhone 4 couldn’t be jailbroken but could still be unlocked using UltraSn0w. When I tried f0recast again on my iPhone 2G, it accurately told me I could jailbreak/unlock but provided me with a dead info link. Looks like version 1.3.1 should be on its way sooner than expected.

As usual, you can download f0recast from our downloads section.

  • F0recast has had it’s day, no need for a tool to do the same job as online services such as Jailbreak Wizard jailbreak-me.info

    • Ita still a helpful tool though. I use it everytime I jailbreak someones iPod.

  • @MrMBerman, the tools you mention require you to know exactly what model iDevice you have. The beauty of f0recast is that it automatically detects the device you have and displays the relevant jailbreak tool links. It should also be noted that the issues the OP mentioned are only in the Mac version. Windows version works fine.

  • manu

    Doesn’t work! It tells me that my already Jailbroken iPhone is not Jailbreakable… not usefull!

  • People are so lazy. It’s too easy to jailbreak your device. Google is your friend just fragging search.