Over  a month ago we started covering the legal battle between Apple and Samsung. The Cupertino company filed a trademark infringement suit against Samsung, claiming that the Korean company copied the hardware and software design of some of their mobile products.

Since then, Samsung has counter-sued the iPhone makers, also citing patent infringement. Now that the 2 companies have played ‘if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine‘ for the past week, Samsung’s J.K. Shin tells the WSJ his thoughts on the lawsuit…

Shin, who is president of Samsung’s mobile communications, has enjoyed some serious success lately. The company’s new Galaxy S II smartphone has sold over a million units in its short time on the market and analysts peg the manufacturer as the 2nd leading tablet maker, behind Apple.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal this morning, Shin commented on the dispute:

“We didn’t copy Apple’s design. We have used many similar designs over the past years and it [Apple’s allegations] will not be legally problematic.”

Though I don’t doubt that Samsung will get little more than a slap of the wrist on this one, I can’t believe Shin can be so nonchalant. Look at the above photo of a Samsung home theatre remote and tell me that it just has a “similar design” to the iPhone 4.

The dispute between the 2 companies is not only interesting because the Samsung products actually do bear a striking resemblance to Apple’s, but also because the 2 firms are significant partners. Samsung supplies Apple with multiple components for a variety of products, including iPhones.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out, as typical patent infringements seem to be a stretch of the law. Apple’s case however, actually seems to hold water, so the judge’s ruling could have a significant ripple effect.

Does Samsung really not have anything to worry about?


  • josh

    I though that was an iPhone from the main page of iDB.

  • I use to like apple products before, but now i change over to Android smartphones because the 3.5 inch screen size on the iphone is already outdated. I don’t like samsung products that much but their phones dont look or feel look an iphone. HTC Android phones are better.

    • SuperVee

      Good for you! Android forums are that way —->

  • We didn’t copy Apple’s design – Samsung. right. But you didn’t innovate either. Shame on you and go fuck yourself.

  • Travis

    Samsung totally copied. Everyone is copying apple.

  • anon

    definately true. everyone wants a cut from apple.

    no one cares about your comments.
    maybe you should change your name to droidtito and ramble somewhere else.

    • Fanboy..NOT

      typical apple fanboy reply…
      I’ll bet you would welcome Jobs if he wants to fuck your ass

      • XepptizZ

        What the hell is wrong with you people? Seriously? It’s like a pottery fanatic runs into the woodcrafts section of the community center and starts screaming how woodcraft completely sucks, that pottery is way better and that we are biased woodys. So what? Get the hell out of woodcrafts ya lunatic.

    • LOL! i am not an Android or iPhone fanboy. i am a reviewer and you should check my blog before posting. i have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Samsung Tabs etc atc.

      • XepptizZ

        And I didn’t mention any brand, just pottery people and woodcraft people. Interestingly you did feel the need to defend yourself. So do you really feel that strong about pottery vs woodcrafts?

        Personally I think both have a nice experience and great potential as an artistic and practical medium with a theraputic and soothing experience. If enough effort is put in, the satisfaction of the resulting piece can be quite fantastic.

  • Michael

    One is a remote one is a phone. There is no arguement there

    • There is an argument here. The remote does look like a cheap imitation of the iPhone. Thereby this will prove Even more, that people @SamSUCK does not innovate, but is just copying anything successful.

  • Nick

    Apple’s such a fucking business bully. I am glad Samsung is standing up to them.

    • Cameron

      Good for u! I’m with u!

  • Benson

    Apple thinks it invented everything.

    • I agree it’s like apple own other company’s future products before apple have even conceived their own future products
      Apple are looking like a bunch of baby’s spitting their dummy’s out

      • jay

        Apple invented everything it claims to have, including iPhone.thats why it’s patented.

  • Polemicist

    OMG… “My box of matches looks like your box of matches I’m going to sue you…”

    It’s a @#$%@#%ing box of matches get over it…

    You know I think DELL should sue IBM because their desktop range of PC’s look so similar you have to read the brand name to tell the difference… Oh hold on that is the solution for Apple and Samsung. They should just put their logos on their phones… Oh hold on they ALREADY DO…

    This is getting beyond old news… I can’t wait till some DARPA guy comes along and says “I have the patent for the internet and now I’ll sue the entire WORLD …”

    • Polemicist

      My bad it has already been done:

      Patent lawyer puts claim to entire Internet

      YAY … American Lawyers Rock My World… And your patent office will pretty much give an OK to anything they get sent to them. AWESOME…

      $42 Million per hour spent on Defence of the US and bombs so big the only thing that will survive is cockroaches and Lawyers… God Bless…

  • Fujisan

    Koreans just like Chinese are known for being copycats. I have seen so many korean products that pretended to be japanese or american products and not only electronics but also food, clothes etc. They will never confirm they stole the design. They will keep saying it’s their own. To the last drop of blood.

  • The phone is much more similar to iphone, samsung must face suit

  • W.Vancouver

    i’ve never seen this pic b4… i bet you made the picture up… stop uploading fasle pics.. it’s really annoying…