Forget about streaming services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, what about if you want live TV? Apps like SlingPlayer do a pretty good job of broadcasting your TV content, but it requires some sort of internet connection.

For folks who just have to catch the local news at 9 on the go, comes the Cydle i30. The slide-on accessory will enable users to receive local OTA (over the air) digital broadcasts, right on the iPhone…

As you might have guessed by the large antenna sticking out of the back of the device, the i30 doesn’t need an active internet connection. It receives digital broadcasts the same way a typical TV antenna does, and then converts the video to an iPhone-friendly format.

In a time of disappearing unlimited data plans, it’s certainly appetizing that the accessory doesn’t require web access to watch TV. It’s also nice that the Cydle will include it’s own 1100 mAh battery, so it won’t drain your iPhone’s juice.

The device isn’t available yet, so there’s no word on how well the antenna actually works. The company does mention though, that it plans to sell an external antenna as part of a “car kit.” They expect the i30 itself to sell somewhere in the $150 range.

I could see this being useful on a long car trip, with younger kids watching PBS programming. I suppose you could also whip it out to check out the score of the game. But it seems like there are so many apps that bring you media and TV programming, why lug around a bulky accessory?

What do you think? Would you buy a Cydle i30?


  • Danny Marks

    Lol at this, takes me back to the accessory for the Sega Game gear that you could watch analogue TV on. It’s was cack, I remember having it on in my room trying to tune in to Channel 4 (UK) and catch a little bit of Eurotrash (smut) when I was like 10, everynow and again you get a half decent signal and maybe see a bit of boob. #thingsyoudidat10toseeboobs 🙂

  • Cack?

    • 877

      Cack = poo = rubbish 🙂

  • Your Mom

    I would definitely buy this if it was IPT4 compatible. As Cody said, it would be amazing for car trips, as long as it had a good antena.

  • Jj

    Digital programing does not work in a moving vehicle.

    • Wirehedd

      if the broadcast is strong enough it works just fine. As a father of four with a motor home we travel in I have a pair of 11 inch LCD displays my kids use to watch while we are one the road. Depending on where we are the signal ranges from brilliant to, as noted above, cack. The fact that a receiver is moving does reduce the accuracy of the signal but by no means eliminates it.

  • Jj

    Or does it?