Are you suffering from poor battery life on your iPhone? Will your trusty smartphone no longer get you through the day on a single charge? How about even half a day?

Your iPhone’s battery could failing, but there are still ways to help maximize your battery life while you still can. We’ve collected four tips to help you squeeze the most juice out of your iPhone’s battery…

1. Turn Screen Brightness Down

This tip seems to be the number one cure for short battery life on the iPhone. As The Next Web points out, turning the screen brightness down to about 49% seems to help drastically improve battery life on any iDevice.

If the brightness is below 50%, a marginal increase in battery life should be noticed.

2. Location Services Off

This one may not be a very wise choice if you use a lot of location-reliant apps (Maps, etc.), but the iPhone’s Location Services feature does put a considerable drain on the device’s battery.

When Location Services are turned on, the iPhone’s GPS can be accessed to locate and track your location for a specified app. (There was a huge GPS tracking scandal with the iPhone not too long ago, and that may give you other reasons to turn off Location Services.)

3. Kill Background Apps

When apps multitask in iOS, they continue to use system resources and effectively drain your battery. Apps such as Skype or any other VoIP app can especially drain your battery when left running in the background.

If you’ve got a case of the battery blues, try cleaning out your app switcher. You most likely have several apps still running that you don’t need. If you want to totally nuke all background processes at once on a jailbroken iPhone, try this SBSettings tweak.

4. Keep It Cool

When your iPhone gets hotter, the battery drains quicker. Keeping your iPhone out of your pocket or other tight spaces will help keep it cool, and keep your battery running at normal capacity.

While these are by no means the only methods for conserving battery life on the iPhone, they are definitely some great tips that make a huge difference in battery performance. It’s also been said that doing things like turning off push e-mail from the Mail app and turning off push notifications also help.

Let us know if these tips have helped you save battery life on your iPhone. What methods do you use to conserve your battery?

  • BLiNK

    isn’t Apple’s version of killing apps suffice? i have noticed an improvement of battery life by leaving them be

  • I would have believed switching of push mail should have been in the list

    • Fapp_le

      Did you actually read the whole article. It is bro

  • Sage

    Another is to remain at 4.2.1 which is the most optimised firmware from my experience. I will upgrade when v5 releases but until then this is the #1 reason for having a battery that lasts upto 3 days!

  • Bluetooth off also!

  • Disable 3G when not using safari, downloading apps/music, etc. Sbsettings 3G toggle works great.

  • drublic

    How about buying an external battery or something and using your iphone as it should be used with everything working. Rather do that than limiting the use of my iphone and be worried my battery is gonna die if I’m doing this or that…

  • DIno

    Turn off data when not in use. Easily 1 and half to two days of battery life.

  • Inked

    I agree w/ Drublic! I just got a killer external batt(6600mah) from boost cases. Use the iPhone the way it should be used. Let it all hang out!!

  • Inked

    I agree w/ Drublic! I just got a killer external batt-6600mah.Use the iPhone the way it should be used. Let it all hang out!!

  • Rod

    Turn celular data and wifi and you save battery life alot…

  • Goofygreek

    Another way to save battery life is to turn off your phone. Lol. I turned off push for mail and notifications and I noticed a good bit of life back. Screen is about 80% brightness. Did that for both iPhone 4 and ipad2. But the iPads battery lasts me 3-4 days under normal use.

  • Akiva

    I turn off my mail accounts when not in use. And since no friends use Facetime, (semi uncool), I don’t set it up, which means, it doesn’t run. I know that both Mail and Facetime run all the time.

  • number 1. well just dont use ur device lol!!!

  • Josh

    Does that “Temperature Warning” picture really show up?

    • Getz

      Yup, it’s happened to me. Left it in the car though :-/
      ~10 minutes later it cooled enough to turn on.

  • Brad

    Auto3G for jailbroken phones: Turns off 3G when screen is off, turns it back on when you wake the phone to do something. Greatly extends battery life.

  • Jimroot25

    Telling people that kill background app will Save battery life show how bad is your understanding of iOS!

    And more : telling that jailbreak and install SBSetting (which use mobilesubstrate) Will help, is so brilliant!! Oh wait…

    • zack

      your not very bright

  • Jimroot25

    Telling people that kill background app will Save battery life show how bad is your understanding of iOS!

  • Disable Notifications is nicely ways too

  • Steven

    I found the best way to save battery power is to buy a Blackberry and either return the iPhone to the shop for a refund or stop using it.
    I guarantee you this will increase your iPhoen battery life by 800% to an amazing whole day!!!

  • Kelly45987

    Using a tool like “Speedy Web in the pocket” (“) can help too. I use it for some weeks and I noticed my battery is not empty anymore when I’m back home at the end of day. I surf a lot each day 🙂