It hasn’t been 20 minutes since I published a post about iOS 5 likely to take a stab at the jailbreak community that Apple may have already claimed its first victim. Its name? MobileNotifier, the exact same app we reviewed and praised this morning.

After spending 8 months working on MobileNotifier, Peter Hajas announced on his blog minutes ago that he was “taking a break from MobileNotifier and Widge for a while”. Simple coincidence, or did Apple made him an offer he can’t refuse?

I’m taking a break from MobileNotifier and Widge for a while. I have other opportunities and priorities currently. I won’t be able to do much (if any) work on the projects, and I won’t have time to respond to many Tweets or emails. The project is in capable hands, with Kyle Adams, Tim Novinger and others (like Marc Easen) keeping things going. This is definitely not goodbye.

I can’t say why, but it’s worth it. Trust me. If you look around hard enough, you’ll probably figure it out.

I hope you guys understand, and I look forward to bringing you more awesome, great, free open source software in the future. Stay tuned for some amazing things!

Jeff and I briefly discussed this and we quickly came to the conclusion that Hajas was most likely offered a job at Apple. We might be wrong but if you look at parts of Hajas’s statement we highlighted above, it does make lots of sense.

Clearly Apple has already figured out notifications in iOS 5, but I’m sure some extra brains wouldn’t hurt the team working on that.

I wonder if our MobileNotifier review got Apple’s attention. The timing sure is right.

Apple: 1 – Jailbreak Community: 1?

Who’s next?

Update: Hajas just tweeted: “You guys have some lively imaginations!” This might just be coincidental timing.

  • Hm.. I didn’t make the connection here when I read Peter’s blog post about an hour ago. The timing seems a little weird for it be Apple that caused his break. Seems like this would have needed to happen months ago if he was actually helping work on notifications in iOS.

    • Shrike1978

      Agreed. I’m chalking this one up to conicidence until I see a little more evidence.

    • he could have been working on it before saying this :/

  • Paul

    weird … he most likely got a contract thats gonna get him alot of money doing something wither apples his paying to do something lokey or just another job.. he seem very happy and pumped up on his videos making MobileNotifier

  • If they poach ANYONE from the jailbreak community, I see it as a huge win. Implenting ANY feature that is only available in Cydia at the moment is nothing but beneficial to the end user. Much more functionality.

    • Jon Garrett

      “beneficial to the end user” “much more functionality”? lol, Sounds like you’re about ready to make the switch to Android. I know I am.

  • Shrike1978

    Something tells me this is not his reason. He just tweeted: “You guys have some lively imaginations!”

    Like I said above, it just seems like coincidental timing. Nothing more.

  • Engl1sh Te@cher

    a lot, not alot

    • Ben

      You should have put a capital “A” in the start of your sentence and you missed a full stop at the end of it. LOL 

    • mplsboywonder


      • numbnuts

        lol another tough guy hiding behind the internet .. bring it!! 😛

  • Rafe

    My tweet.. @peterhajas @jmvx @rgov cool move! i hope apple will ask you if you would sell this code! *lol* i hope so!

  • Well let’s face it apple have a different business model it’s not if you can’t beat em join em it’s
    If you can’t beat em employ them lol

  • Aaronieru

    Wow, this has got to be the lamest iPhone rumor I ever heard.


    Well, if I look at the areas you DIDN’T highlight, I see a note that’s nowhere related to what you’re saying…

    And, for “Clearly Apple has already figured out notifications in iOS 5” phrase… Where did you get that idea? Really? Did I miss anything?

    • Just a week away from unveiling iOS 5 at WWDC, I sure hope Apple figured out notifications. Or else someone is gonna lose his job at Apple 😉

      • dae

        or her job! 😉

  • The best way to best the jailbreak community is for Apple to put jailbreak tweaks in iOS5.

    • Jon Garrett

      or for Apple to be more like Android.

      • Juan

        no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    We shall see….

  • Anonymous

    Just wait and see.

  • BLiNK

    no biggie. this tweak sucks anyways

    • Binary-Stalker

      How so?

      • Jon Garrett

        you still cant use it from the lock screen.

  • DaPlumber

    If I may tighten your tin-foil hat a little:

    Cash is a weapon people, and Apple is sitting on a giant war-chest. There are multiple ways of making “inconveniences” go away, of which employment of the author and reaching for the lawyers are but two.

    I can’t help wondering if there’s a new, subtler, anti-Android strategy in play over in Cupertino-land, or even competing strategies currently duking it out behind the doors.

  • Ipad 2 jailbreak has now turned into a drama..!!!
    can any one tell me when will ipad 2 jailbreak will be releasing???

    • Juan

      no. nobody can. if they claim to know, they are probably lying.

  • it’s getting harder and harder to jailbreak/unlock new iDevices. Take iPad 2 for example. or the iPhone 4’s with basebands 3.10, 4.10 etc

  • Juan

    Apple needs to hire David Ashman of LockInfo for the notifications overhaul.

  • Pugman

    notified pro is better than mobile notifier anyway I’ve used both notified pro is the best jailbroken notifier tweak in Cydia