On the 1st of January, I published my annual predictions for the iPhone for the coming year. In there, I mentioned that 2011 was going to be the year of iOS, and even though we have yet to see what Apple is cooking up for us, it seems that I was right about that point.

My 2011 predictions for the iPhone didn’t stop there. On top of dropping a few features I think the iPhone 5 will sport, I also made the bold statement that Apple will open the doors to a world of apps and tweaks that are currently only available in Cydia. Want to call me crazy? Not so fast…

Earlier today, we received a tip via our contact form from an anonymous person who commented on Alex’s post about MobileNotifier. Here is what our anonymous tipster had to say:

bad timing for jailbreak developers especially those working on notification. im not working on that but i know we are about to take the jb community by surprise

It seems that this was sent from the same person who tipped us earlier this month about a new feature in iOS 5 that will transcribe your voicemails to text.

Interestingly enough, this tip came in a couple hours before MG Siegler published an article on TechCrunch about iOS 5 reportedly bringing widgets and revamped notifications. Same tipster? I can’t tell about that, especially because our guy didn’t specifically mention widgets, but it does look like stories match.

So is Apple going to kill the jailbreak community with iOS 5? Only a handful of people know for sure at this point, but these legit-looking tips sure make it sound that Apple is at least going to take a stab at Cydia.

At this point though, it’s hard to believe Apple would allow everything and anything in the App Store. I can’t see jailbreak apps like MyWi getting the seal of approval, but other tweaks such as my Cydia favorite Xpandr might.

So, why would Apple allow jailbreak apps in the App Store? The main reason that comes to mind is the big bucks that this market represents. With about 10% of all iPhones jailbroken, Apple probably wants its share of the cake.

What’s your take on this? Do you believe Apple would allow currently outlawed apps in the App Store? Is that something you’d be excited about, or would you prefer jailbreak apps to remain something for the underground connoisseur?

  • Ranjit

    I’m sure the JB community will keep on innovating … If Apple introduces some features which are JB only, it’ll just be a matter of time before JB devs come up with something super awesome! Apple would then introduce these in iOS 6 … And so on and so forth the cycle will continue … unless of course we land up with an un-jailbreakable device … Like the ipad2 so far 🙁

    • Shrike1978

      Unjailbroken doesn’t mean unjailbreakable. It’s impossible to make a 100% secure system. There is a hole there to be found, but it might take some time. It was over a year before a bootrom exploit for new bootrom 3GS was published. Until then, tethered jailbreaks or userland exploits were all that were possible.

  • I doubt it this will happen. Apple can also have more control over piracy if they do this because they will reject piracy apps. And those piracy that make piracy apps like installous on Cydia they are not able to find any exploit on iOS and real hackers won’t care for jaiklbreak anymore cause Apple will allow us to put the jailbreak apps

  • trinoac

    Don’t think it’ll make a big difference…yeah a lot of applications that are not readily available in the app store may be authorized at that point in time but like the article states jailbreak apps like miwi would never be allowed by apple, therefore, there still is and always will be room for improvement on the iOS platform through necessity of certain features, tweaks, and apps Apple won’t consider worthy…

  • iYaSeeN

    If apple wants to kill cydia, it ould happened long tine ago. Also, I would like to see enahansment in the Bluetooth feature.. I guess SBSettings and other tweaks would be great in app store, but would it be named app store that time?

  • I would cry

  • JustSomeGuy

    Honest to God, if Apple could just implement the few things I jailbreak for, I’d never do it. I prefer my phone to be unjailbroken, but I also like to customize my icons. There are so many low-grade items that we jailbreak for which really represent that slight interference with Apple’s branding scheme, that if they could just lighten up ever so slightly and give us the ability to skin and control HOW our notifications look and work that jailbreaking would take a hit for sure.
    For one, I want the ability to customize my phone, but I don’t like the instability that comes with jailbreaking.

  • The jailbreak community will never die, iOS5 might try to kill it but it wont happen. “Long live the jailbreak community”

  • Shrike1978

    The minimums that I would need to stop jailbreaking are Phone GV Extensions, SMS GV Extensions, Auto Silent, FolderEnhancer/Infinifolders/Scrollingboard, and Lockinfo. If they could provide all of those features (either natively or through tweaks), I wouldnt’ *need* to jailbreak anymore. Doesn’t mean there isn’t more I wouldn’t miss from time to time (SBSettings and PDANet for sure), but having those 5 things would take away a lot of my motivation to jailbreak.

  • Iconic

    I think the Dev’s have showed too much of their hand at the request of the masses in order to provide a jb solution for almost every 4.x build. Big brother learns with every exploit.
    But, with talented people involved I think nothing is impenetrable and future jb’s will come…just may take a really long time

    • Shrike1978

      Not at all. The exploit for 4.2.1 was being saved for 4.3, but it had already been closed in the 4.3 beta due to the implementation of ASLR, so they went ahead and released it because it was otherwise useless. The exploit used in 4.3.1, 4.3.2, and 4.3.3 are dead identical. Nothing at all changed in the exploit, it just had to be compiled for the new version. The baseline exploit used (limera1n) is hardware level and can only be fixed with new hardware, so, even using only that, any current device (except iPad2), can be jailbroken in a tethered form from now on with little work. Limera1n was shown in software to have already been discovered by Apple before its release, so that wasn’t a burned exploit either. Believe it or not, the community is being much more metered and careful with exploits now that at any point in the past, they’re just getting lucky with so many exploits being reusable lately.

  • KC

    Its a stupid post by IDB!!!! iOS 5 will include some features that were previously made available by the jailbreak apps only. but only some!

    They cannot kill their own developers!! I was not expecting such a ****** article from IDB

    • What are you talking about? We never said Apple would kill iOS developers. If anything, opening the doors of the app store to jailbreak developers would mean MORE devs for Apple

    • BLiNK

      there’s always one D-bag in every post

  • Delete

    Apple may come up with their versions of what is used now in Jailbreak apps but they will most likely be limited, toned down versions. Jailbreaking is about letting users create their own user experience, Apple is interested in controlling it.

  • Burge

    Well if it wasn’t for these jailbreak tweaks apple won’t even think of doing them.. I would rather have q apple tweak that was ment to work on my device than a jailbreak tweak… But not all tweaks will get remade by apple ..Cydia will never go away nor will the tweaks that come with it…

  • Daniel CG

    I don’t think it will happen. Apple might allow some tweaks, but others such as MyWi won’t get in and therefore the community will not die. Also, there will never be an unjailbreakable device because whenever Apple adds a new feature, there is the possibility of exploiting it (PDFs in Safari)

  • Iconic

    None of the jb tweaks that run at root will go on app store

  • fojam

    a filebrowser and a mobilesubstrate system would make me happy

  • Mcsteven

    I would way rather have these tweaks straight from apple. I hate having to wait and jb my phone every time there’s an update. The only thing I’d miss is my overclocked processor. I’m sure apple won’t allow us to control the speed of our processors…

    • JimmyK

      What now?


    Too much noise for an anonymous tip… LOL, what if it was me? 🙂


    And plus, there will always be something Apple didn’t implement.

    Unless they perfect the code, there will always be a JB community. (And that’s not really possible, as there is no perfect code.)

  • Peter

    It will be just like all the other times. Jailbreak comes out with cool stuff and then apple will release it and callit revolutionary ssdd

    • megatr0n


  • Weebsurfer

    Man, what’s with the haters. Every blog has content that someone won’t give 2 poops about.

    Anyways. Can’t see the JB community evaporating completely. There will always be some itch that needs to be scratched. They COULD potentially take a hit if Apple implements the tweeks as apposed to opening the doors to develop them.

    I think Apple and JBers would have had a good symbiotic relationship if it wasn’t for the crooked sources with the pirated apps. I can see pirating unreasonably priced software in the past but now we’re talking about $2 $3 a shot apps that do more than your PC ever did for you. I’d like to see Cydia block pirate sources. (sorry… I know I’ll get hated on for that statement… Move along)

  • Jad

    With all due respect to apple ,apple should be very grateful to the enhancement made to the IOS , which without’em you would not see such varieties of tweaks and apps .

  • Jeff

    What a ridiculous claim. They will never “kill” the jailbreak community. No matter what they decide to bundle into their firmware, they will NEVER give us everything we want in an official form. There will always be a need for a jailbreak community, and it will only grow stronger as they years pass.

  • Apple will release i OS 5 and a few later the jailbreak will be here.

  • DaPlumber

    Given that HTC has announced that at least future models will have unlocked bootloaders and may even back-port to current models Apple might make an interesting counter-move: Semi-Legitimize the JB community. One form this could take is some kind of “developer lite” or maybe “Beta tester” type license where you formally give up support for root access. This is highly unlikely to include baseband access officially, but I could see Apple in a multi-carrier/multi-cell-technology world effectively declaring themselves out of the carrier contract enforcement business. Not since the glory days of the Blackberry has the carrier needed the manufacturer more than vice versa. After all why should Apple continue to do something that damages their brand for no appreciable advantage, especially if they declare carrier subsidy and usage enforcement a legal rather than technical issue. They could effectively claim a “common-carrier” type defense based on the “right to jailbreak” ruling. Oh, the irony!

    My crystal ball also says expect to see this policy surface in China first…

  • DebTym

    it is possible. ipad 2 jailbreak istaking too long. i think the possibility of an a5 and ios 5 tandem will be unbreakable

  • MB234

    Sebastien, where did you get that 10% of all iPhones are jailbroken figure from? Your ass? How do you not provide a source for that?

  • babe

    10% only on us? more like >50% in south east asia.

    • Sigurdur

      I would agree

  • Crunch

    I doubt Apple will encroach upon Cydia in any significant way. Things like MyWi and My3G will not be tolerated by Apple’s carious carrier partners, perhaps especially AT&T with its paranoiac approach with sending threatening letters, email and text messages to everyone who tethers so much as one megabyte.

    Other than that, there are probably a few apps and maybe even tweaks that Apple might let in and yet others that exist in Cydia now will become obsolete with iOS 5. I don’t see much interest in Apple going after Cydia except to making jailbreaking more and more difficult.

  • Jesus

    if apple kills jailbreaking then they wont have nearly as many ideas for new updates compared to how much they have now

  • arpeggi

    Just asking, is it worth to upgrade to iOS5 or just stick to my current jailbreak?