I’m ashamed that I didn’t notice this detail before, but props to the eagle eyed Kurt178 and Appman over at iFans for noticing the details.

When you take a look at the leaked shot of what is purportedly an iPhone 5 back plate, it appears that it was snapped with an iPhone…just not any iPhone currently in production.

The phone’s reflection shows what looks to be a camera opposite from the flash, incidentally, just like the item that is being captured on camera.

Apparently, some Photoshop magic was used in order to better highlight the device in the reflection, rendering it pretty easy to spot…

A few more juicy details have come out of the story as well, with one rumor stating that the iPhone 5 is possibly a prototype that recently went missing from one of Foxxconn’s production plans in China.

That rumor aligns perfectly with the reported leak, but as always, you have to take these sorts of things with a few grains of salt.

Personally, I think it looks pretty convincing; not that that it wouldn’t be easy for someone with skills to fake something like this.

What do you think? Is that a real working iPhone 5 in the reflection? Or is it the work of an artist who’s pretty gifted with their sweet Photoshop skills?


  • Ai van

    This is photoshopped Sebastien. What type of surface with all that stuff in the back ground would have such good reflection for the iPhone image to be captured like that. You can only get that type of reflection with a mirror

    • Nick

      You my good sir, are retarded.

  • Ai van

    Secondly, look at how the reflection of the phone’s reflection is tilted. They are not at the same angle. The reflection of the reflection should be at the same angle.

    • JohnnyS

      You need to take an english course. “Reflection of the reflection” ???

      How about you add a science course too?

    • van

      you should read the article u are commenting on… not just the title..

  • Ai van

    Also, look at the camera of the reflection’s reflection. If the phone took its own picture the camera on image and the camera of the image’s reflection should be on the same side, not opposite site. Hold the back of your phone against a mirror and look at it’s reflection on the back of the phone, the camera on all the reflections are on the same side

    • Burge

      2 phones .one taking the picture other one is face down having it’s picture taking ..the reflection is of the one that’s taking the picture …There for it looks backward ..

    • Steven

      I agree, if it were real, the camera hole should appear on the right side of the reflection, not left. Hold your iphone to a mirror. The camera in the reflection is on the right. FAKE INDEED.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Well my iPhone 4 has a pretty good reflection on the back of it that almost mimics a mirror so I wouldn’t rule it out but I’m the kinda person…I see it when I see it…kinda like I been waitin on a bonus at ma job for past 4 years lol

  • Ai

    If they were reflective as the iPhone 4, you would get a much better reflection of the phone taking the pucture than that. The reflection of the phone taking the picture should be almost mirror like in that case. Also, look at the camera hole of the phone being photographed. It’s very jagged. Looks like a messy photophop job to me.

  • DebTym

    for me it looks like an iPhone found after the World War 2

  • I guess they downgraded the camera on the iPhone 5. Lol. Looks pretty legit to me. These pictures don’t forget have been altered to highlight the reflection.

  • Mcsteven

    Looks legit to me. Why would someone fake something so unnecessary? If I were to fake something I’d make it a huge feature, not something that’s already been leaked plenty of times..

  • McLovin

    the flash and camera are much closer on the iphone 4 than the pic seems to show…it looks like the plastic back (some sort of case) for the iphone 3GS with a photoshoped “flash” opening??

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    Hey guys, have you used the iphone camera in your roomwith little light near your computer screen with no flash, the picture should be like this one, thats my opnion, I went to take some pictures for my brother’s band in a club in the night, and pictures with no flash and small light conditions are like that one, unless u do some tricks, but that one looks original for, besides anyone with skills can make anything in photoshop

  • If that’s the picture quality of the ip5
    Then it’s Pants

  • Zack

    I was one of the people who edited the photo. I had to do a lot of tweaking to get the reflection to stand out more. Then I sharpened it up a bit. Overall, it did degrade the picture quality a bit. I would suggest looking at the original first…

  • That iPhone looks like shit

  • That iPhone looks like sh*t