NowStream is a web application that was developed during this weekend’s TechCrunch Hackathon by Carnegie Mellon student, and future Google intern Sohail Prasad. The web app allows you to stream torrents directly to your iPhone via Mobile Safari.

The app allows you to grab any torrent link, paste it in the web interface of the app and start streaming. There’s obviously stuff happening in the background but we don’t know much about it so far…

NowStream is still in beta and the developer is still trying to figure out a legit use of this app. You can sign up at to be alerted when the web app comes out of beta.

  • Aisse


  • Is he really a future google intern or was that a joke

    • Not a joke. He is going to be a Google intern

  • Painman

    I think that the link to his website should be removed until he stops trying to use a form of pyramid selling to get his app out there.

    He should just release it, if it’s any good it will take off like wild fire. These sort of tactics lead us to assume that he must be pushing a bag of rusty spanners out there.