In the shadow of intuitive notification systems from Palm and other competitors, the iOS push notification system is certainly lacking. Luckily there are some great utilities for us jailbroken folks to change the look and feel of your iOS notifications.

Although tweaks like MobileNotifier look promising, they don’t seem quite reliable yet to handle the daily grind. But don’t worry, there’s still hope to bring a revamped notification system to your current device…

Notified Pro isn’t a new app by any means, and neither is the GriP plugin. But if you combine the 2 utilities and sprinkle on a little bit of Popup Blocker, you can have the notification system on your iPhone you’ve always dreamed of.

For folks who haven’t heard of Notified Pro, it’s basically an app that intercepts iOS notifications and keeps them logged and organized for later review. Think of it like a Facebook timeline of notifications from all of your apps.

The GriP plugin is an extension of Notified Pro and can build customizable alert messages to replace the boring blue boxes in iOS. I’ve tweaked mine a certain way to resemble the old MobileNotifier style, but you can alter it however you want.

You can also set the messages to appear at the top of the screen or at the bottom, either spot is much more out of the way than Apple’s in your face alerts. Once a notification pops up, you can tap x to clear the alert message or tap the icon to launch the corresponding application.

The backbone to this entire plan is Popup Blocker. While Notified Pro can intercept alert messages and spit out pretty new ones, most of the time it doesn’t block the old ones. So without Popup Blocker, you’ll likely be getting double notifications which kind of defeats the purpose.

As I mentioned earlier, the reason why I prefer this method is reliability. I haven’t seen a single ghost image or screen flicker – things I’ve experienced with other options. The only time it’s acted up is when it kicked me into safe mode while editing my GriP Bar, so not a big deal.

If you want to experience notification nirvana, pop into Cydia and start downloading. Notified Pro will run you $2.99 but Notification Grip is a free extension. Popup Blocker will run you just under a buck, and all apps can be found in the default repos.

I know a lot of you have tried this already, What do you think? Do you prefer another way to get your notifications?

  • This is what I’ve used for awhile now and it works great.

  • Era

    Looks good, but in my opinion, LockInfo with biteSms wins. No popups, just swipe down your status bar, and all your active unread notifications stay visible. Click the notification (SMS) and a quick reply bubble pops up so you never leave whatever app you’re using

    • Paul

      i do the same thing after trying it all… its the best combo

  • Andy

    I’ve been using this for a while and it’s a big improvement.

    Is this the plugin you are talking about? That’s what I’m using.

  • I’ve been using this setup for months. Definitely superior in my eyes.
    Thanks to a fairly recent update, GriP allows pretty flexible customization.

    If you haven’t already, get Notified Pro, GriP plugin, and Popup Blocker. Notified Addon also allows for more notifications (emails, power, memory, etc.)

  • DebTym

    sadly my push notification isn’t working

  • soccerkrzy

    So you don’t use BiteSMS? This seems like it’d be great for all other notifications, but I would want the texts to stay the same…

  • Rip

    How well does it play with BiteSMS? I’d like BitSMS notifications to stay the same.

  • mplsboywonder

    Absolutely love the update of Notification GriP. I was a user of the method (Pro+Grip+Blocker) for about a year, and switched to MobileNotifier for a couple of reasons. 1) Grip didn’t stack your notifications on the lockscreen, which MN does very well style wise. 2) You couldn’t double tap on the individual notification to open that said application, which has been updated as well.

    I still love MobileNotifier especially for the uber small footprint. No customization, but I find it less busy and intruding as Lockinfo.

  • W@Nd3r

    Hey cody, this article seems to be kinda outdated..

    add this repo,, to get the latest notified beta which is free and more updated than the current notified pro. this version got its own popup blocker which u can choose to block popup notifications on lock screen or home screen or both.

    Cheers! =)

  • Thanks for the link! There really wasn’t a date to the article, just a cool way to handle notifications for folks still looking at blue boxes. Thanks for reading!

  • QuarterSwede

    I didn’t think MobilerNotifier was ready for daily use until beta 4. Now, it’s the most Apple like notifier out there. All they needs to do is fix the custom SMS alert bug and tweak the brightness of the pending list and it’s gold.

  • fojam

    used this for a long time

  • Nick

    You don’t need popup blocker. The settings on Notified Pro are somewhat cryptic and misleading. All you need to do is turn off show Lock Screen and Home Screen notifications. That will prevent the default duplicate native notifications but still allow Notified notifications.

  • Tried it without popup blocker and it still let’s certain alerts through.

  • MobileNotifier 🙂

  • Usersean

    Useless to me without biteSMS support. It’s a shame too cos I really want to use this 🙁

  • brian mitchell

    I use these 3 as well as Lockinfo. Think the detail Lockinfo gives on the lockscreen in better.

  • Rip

    It’s working fine for me with BiteSMS.

    • Usersean

      Really? Hmm, must have been updated since I last had it. Does it use the quick reply function as well? If so I’ll be dropping lockinfo for this. Had some serious battery drain recently : /

  • Rip

    Well, I don’t know how it used to work but BitSMS quick reply is popping up as normal for me.

    • Usersean

      So it’s not showing in notified, just the regular popup..? I wanted it to work within notified, get a grip notification for it rather than the deault blue one. That possible?

  • I liked notified pro but the plugin to show the notifications in the status bar need some work like scrolling options.

  • Vicki

    I had Mobile Notifier for a bit. Turned out to be a major culprit with slowing down my phone in unusual ways. Switching from an6y screen to my Text Screen, 15 seconds, deleting apps running in background, could only delete 4 before 15 seconds to slide all remaining left and then allowing more to delete. removed Mobile Notifier and it was amazing how much overall improvement the phone incurred. Using Notified Pro and PopupBlocker with Status Bar. Don’t like that Status Bar shows the content of the message.

  • loovvvvee iiiiittt!!!!!!!!!!