While the amount of data smartphone owners used each month wasn’t relevant until last June of 2010 when AT&T announced a 2GB data cap, it is now.

If you’re an iPhone user that often streams video, audio and download files from the internet, you probably keep a close eye on your data usage. If you’re a new iPhone owner and have no idea of how to check the amount of data you’ve used for your current billing cycle, its fairly simply. There are several ways to check your data usage.

You can either check your data usage online from your AT&T/Verizon account, or if you have AT&T, you can download the AT&T My Account app from the App Store for free. Additionally, you may also check data usage right from your iDevice, by navigating to: Settings > General> Usage.

As you can see I haven’t used much data since I’m using an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile, which only allows for an EDGE connection.

We’re curious to see how much data you use per month? Let us know in the comments!

  • dae

    about 25-30gigs

    • Burge

      Wtf are you doing..? I don’t go over 450 mb ..to use a gig that’s pushing it

      • Dae

        Right now I’m at 25.5 gigs

      • soccerkrzy

        I get 10-15GB a month and that’s Pandora daily while at work, Netflix while I work out.

        We do it because we NEVER connect to a wi-fi connection.

    • 300 megs

    • LT916

      U must he doing a lot of Pandora, Netflix, & oh lots of Porn Surfing…….! Hahaha. I do about 3.5gb!! I am grandfathered in the unlimited data. And oh btw, when I received the TOD & letter in the mail about discontinuing tethering or else they will automatically upgrade my plan to their shitty 4gb @ $45/ mo for tethering. Ok, so I called ATT about changing my voice call plan, initially their system routed me to their business technician and the guy explained to me what tethering was and why my account was flagged. I pretended I did not know anything and that I have 3 ATT lines – the line with the planet app was actually mines btw. Hahaha. The business technician guy was very adamant that I stopped tethering or else my account will be updated automatically. I felt like he was accusing me which I mean I was tethering but denied the fact I was. Lol. I truly hope there will be a class action lawsuit to F AT&T for their greediness!!!!! Forcing me to pay 2 fees for one freaking service is just ridiculous! Hmmmmm I wonder if those corporate A Holes are reading these blogs……

  • Chris

    On average I use about 15 gb… I have grandfathered unlimited

  • Josh

    I use 5GB each month, AT&T’s “softcap.” This month my data shows over 11GB (AT&T mistake?) My bandwidth seemed to slow down & google has to verify that I am human by entering letters in a text box. Why does AT&T get on my back? Dae how do you get away using 25-30GB?

    • soccerkrzy

      I have AT&T and have never experienced your softcap. Verizon is the one with the softcap, not AT&T.

  • Callum

    You guys in the USA are lucky to be able to use 1Gb- 15Gbs in new Zealand it cost about $20NZD to get 120mbs!

    • Matt

      I’m in NZ too but get the 3GB/mth special offer from Vodafone on their “Smart” plans. Don’t usually go over 150MB even if I try. I can’t really understand how people can use 5GB in one month on an iPhone. Are they tethering a laptop or watching YouTube on their phones all day long?

      • Taba

        Exactly! Imagine, just my 6 year old daughter ALONE can use up to 7GB!
        Then for me, I’m a netflixer. I love watching movies…so I plug my iPhone into my Big Screen TV and I’m all good! Not to mention a lot of MMS too. But mainly, when I have a grandfather account I don’t worry about data lol. The least AT&T could do tho, is to give
        everyone unlimited data…Because they get criticized about how expensive they are. At least this way, well for me, I can say, “But they have Unlimited
        Data. So it balances out.”

      • Taba

        Forgot to mention that this is all on 3G and not wifi. With wifi, I’m sure my data would’ve been a lower usage. Peace!

  • Alex

    Verizon has an app to check usage too.

  • appletiser

    this month, 305MB up, 1.8GB down

  • Blapp

    15-20 MB, mostly email, some IM and internet. But i dont have a big data package, so try and keep it cheap 🙂

  • porque

    I average 5gb and some month I double that

  • Vince

    2-4 gigs a month. Still on an unlimited plan

  • Sent 164 MB , received 2.8GB…. In 2 days. No thanks AT&T, I’m with Verizon!

  • UnlosingRanger

    Usually 1.2 gb per month… How much are Americans paying for their 2gb monthly? In singapore im paying SGD 35 for 12 gb per month with like 1000 smses and 100 mins of call time O_O

    • Adira

      Oh my that’s so cheap. :0 it’s damn expensive in Malaysia

  • James

    As of this morn I’m at 608mb / 12mb via Verizon. 

  • Dave

    I use about 3gb’s a month and have a cap of 6gb’s on Rogers in Canada. I take up most of it with skype because my girlfriend I’m living on the other side of the country from my girlfriend at the moment. I also Tether a fair bit.

  • I don’t think that’s what your using a month. That’s what it says since you last reset your statistics. I play XBOX online with pdanet constantly and use about 4gbs a month.

    • soccerkrzy

      XBOX online uses a very little amount of data.

  • Patman

    I used about 2g this month after being snagged by AT&T for tethering w out “their” plan. Used to avg about 10g.

  • zeke

    I was going to buy the iPhone 4 but the data cap would not work for me at all I use 20gb a month or more so it jusylt wouldn’t work for me

    Sent from my HTC Evo on Sprint

  • I’m at 1.4gb right now and my month just started. I average about 5-15gb a month depending on my tethering habits. I work for a telecom company in Canada and have everything unlimited so I never have to worry about caps.

  • Johnny

    If you want more details about your data usage, you can use DataMan Pro app to track all your usage on iPhone. You can even export these statistics to your computer for accounting or verifying your carrier bill.

  • BRS

    I use about 5-6GB a month with a grandfathered AT&T unlimited plan.

  • Elvis Duran

    i use about 2gigs every month. I have unlimited but I heard that AT&T has a 5 gig cap that they enforce. I mostly use wifi.

  • Shrike1978

    My bill typically shows anywhere from 750MB up to about 2GB or so. I play a lot of streaming audio, but I cache my most listened to Slacker stations, so the high months tend to be when I’m listening to music out of the norm. I’m on an unlimited plan.

  • Burge

    After reading what’s above I must be very lucky ..I got wifi at work.. My data cap is 750mb a month ..even when I had my 1st iPhone which wasn’t on my carrier (unlocked) I was able to get a sort out a plan with them and I got 500 mb a month for a £5..and that had unlimited txts and 600 mins call time.. Plus I got and still do get , one No every 6 month that I can call for free … I’ve got about 9 now

  • mykee

    or u can simply dial *3282# for att and theyll send u a txt of ur data usage, i still have 15 days to go and i used up 4 gig already, i dnt even use my phone for thetering, btw on the phone data counter isnt wifi included? hmm?

    • Burge

      Only when it’s not a free network ..

  • Im with Dae! I use about 12-16 GB a month! I NEVER use wifi! It’s silly to me because if the wifi is cluttered or spotty or down, then I get annoyed! I wont be capped, I wont allow it.

    • Phil

      Ummm, whoever set up your “spotty” wifi needs help. Wifi is many times faster than 3G. enjoy your 1mbps 3G. I’ll take my 12mbps connection at home any time.

      • Not my wifi at home, I’m talking about publicly. I have my mac to use my wifi at home, I’m not that lazy.

    • Taba

      Matt Oliva
      May 26, 2011 – 11:14 am
      Not my wifi at home, I’m talking about publicly. I have my mac to use my wifi at home, I’m not that lazy.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! Lol. What was Phil thinking??

  • Junior

    I use about 15 to 20GB per month.
    As of right now I’m at 11GB.

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    I am in wi-fi all day long, but on weekends is all day 3g or edge (when battery is dying and I dont have any juice for my battery) 1,8 GB’s, but months I use netflix it goes up to 5 or 6 GB’s ( I dont have the unlimited) and when I was in my girlfriend’s house I have no wifi, so I lot of netflix with no wifi were about 5-6 GB’s for me 🙁

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      I Theter like once or twice in a month for a few minutes

  • Tony

    9GB and this has been a slow month.

  • Mcsteven

    I use close to 5GB every month…

  • 200MB 😀 I survive..somehow..
    Mostly use the Internet when I’m at home cause it’s faster usually.

  • Drew

    I turned off Wifi for a month and I use my phone a lot and have never gone much over 300MB unless I start tethering my phone to my computer.

  • Ali

    1.1Gb at the moment and still 15 more days to go.

  • Taba

    10 of 31 days…3052 mb now,
    that’s about 3gb I think.

  • Al

    11.2 gb so far this month in my unlimited data with Verizon.

  • Al

    11.2 gb with my Verizon iPhone.

  • Raul

    I used about 65gb cause I used the gps on the iPhone

  • Hello


  • Sean Wilson

    65gb because you used gps?? what the fuck are you talking about…. if you used 65gb at&t would be hounding your ass.. god damn people are so fucking technologically fucking retarded nowdays.. ugh i need a drink.

  • Shane

    Sometimes around, 2 or 3GB when on a 1GB plan