Earlier today, Google unveiled yet another product: Google Wallet. Very simply said, Google Wallet is the result of a partnership that will allow Google to have NFC (Near Field Communication) built in most of upcoming Android devices.

For those of you who don’t know, NFC is a wireless technology, which among other usages, will allow you to replace your credit card with your smartphone. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

As usual, Google rushed into this, making deals with various companies. As usual, Google did this to beat Apple to the punch. And as usual, Apple is sitting there, watching, learning, and already thinking of better ways to implement NFC for the iPhone.

There were a few rumors earlier this year that the next iPhone would have NFC. Because Apple is not the kind of company that rushes into the unknown, it didn’t take an analyst to figure out NFC wouldn’t be part of the iPhone 5.

This situation is so typical of how Apple works and of what made it such a successful company. Apple rarely creates anything new. Instead, they look at the current market and figure out ways to improve on every aspect of a product.

Look at the iPod for example. The iPod was not the first MP3 player but it became the best almost instantly. Look at the iPhone. There were tons of smartphones before the iPhone, but once again, Apple took it 5 steps further ahead. Apple didn’t invent, they improved.

As soon as the first NFC capable Android phone comes out, you can be sure the folks at Cupertino will be jumping on it, using it, taking it apart, and make sure they can do better than that.

As much as I’d love to have NFC on my next iPhone, I’m confident this won’t happen until at least the iPhone 6. And that’s fine by me. I’d rather make sure I have a safe and secure feature, rather than a product that has been rushed out and offered half baked, a la Google.

What do you think? Is NFC a feature you’d like to see on your iPhone?

  • Nick

    I think Google will make an excellent phone, and because Google is such a bigger company then Apple they will make NFC the standard. Apple is just riding on their backs.

    • Ricardodelsidney

      Nick, tell me how many billions each company have in cash in the bank. I think you will be surprised!

      Apple… little compared to Google?

  • Why such hate towards Google? so they rushed it doesn’t mean its going to suck I’m not sticking up for Google nor Apple I do own an android and an iPhone but what the crappy remarks?

    • Yea at least google has something out. I like the system of releasing something early and improving on it from there. Once it’s out in the public it’s easier to see what needs to added/fixed.

    • Where in this article did I say it was going to suck?

  • khaosbane

    No matter who makes the NFC “better or first” there is no way I will use it. Bad enough people can scan your wallet for your credit card numbers, why would I want my phone to send the information wireless to a receiver at my local quicky mart?

  • April Germanos

    i know this is an iphone centric blog, but let’s not turn it into an apple fanboy blog

    not sure what google did to Sebassy to compel him to write this post

    • Google is pretty notorious for rushing products out. Wave, Buzz, Wiki Search…

      I’m sorry but if Google is gonna take care of my credit card transactions, I want to make sure it’s in safe hands.

      Besides, the point of this post wasn’t to trash Google, it was to highlight how Apple goes about its new products.

  • Let’s hope apple doesn’t just call it iWallet. The whole i everything is getting really played out

    • Can you please stop using my name when you comment? Thanks

      • Li

        Sue him… Treatmark

  • Simon

    This came across as a fawning sychophantic “apple can do no wrong” sort of post, even if that’s not how it was intended.
    Rather than jumping to conclusions, let’s just see how the NFC scene pans out eh

  • zeke

    Man you really enjoy hating on Google don’t you

    • bias

      Yes, he uses Google, but hates it… many twits and blogs lately, he seems to hate Google, Microsoft…. Steve Jobs is his dad!

  • Nat

    Google is bigger then apple by far not in the products but for there search engine and masive amounts of servers. There in a world of there own. products and devices for them is just a bonus they don’t care what device uses them coz there still gonna bring in the money. Google is the net. But I would not use Anyphone to buy anything at any shop fck that. I’ll use my card. each to there own this is just my opinion

    • Simon

      Think you’re kind of missing the point of NFC…

  • Jacksparrow

    I think goggle has enough of my info from the various ad serving products I use with them. I don’t think google deserve to have/archive/share my buying habits as well. Lets spread the wealth around like Obama says and give someone else a chance to do NFC rIght. Someone without. Hidden agenda. Or at least someone brave enough to admit their agenda.

  • anon

    “Apple is sitting there, watching, learning, and already thinking of better ways to implement NFC for the iPhone.”

    Fanboy much?

    • bias

      Agree! I am also a half Apple fanboy, but he seems to be a “brain washed” fanboy!!!

  • Google sucks!!!