Another one of these stories that fall under our newly-created FML category.

You’ve most likely heard about Apple’s Find My iPhone app, which when installed on an iPhone or iPad, allows you to track the location of the device in the eventuality it would get stolen. In short, that’s a great app that allowed many people to recover their stolen iPhones.

The problem is this app can also come back to bite you, or rather to punch you, as 27 year old iPhone owner Brent Johnson was unfortunately able to verify not too long ago…

52 year old Carl Ippolito got his iPhone stolen on the parking lot of a mall somewhere in NJ. Because he had installed Find My iPhone on his device, he used his son’s iPhone to locate his own. That’s when he realized his iPhone was still somewhere near by.

Following Find My iPhone directions, he finally located what seemed to be the exact location of his iPhone, which happened to be where Brent Johnson was, currently making a phone call on his iPhone.

Ippolito accused Johnson of the theft of his iPhone, and when the latter denied and started walking away, Ippolito grabbed him, threw him on the ground and started beating the hell out of him. Fortunately, cops arrived and helped Ippolito realize he had beaten up a kid for all the wrong reasons as Johnson hadn’t stolen anyone’s iPhone.

It is still unclear whether Ippolito ever found his stolen iPhone but he was brought to the Police station and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct.

  • Vince

    Awesome, idiot. What he must be the only iPhone user in NJ who in their right mind would act like this? He deserves to do some time. Maybe he will think before he acts again. And why not remote lock the phone and send it a tone before you assult someone. If it was really your phone just keep tracking it, call the police and have them get it for you. I guess we are just a civilization of hot head over reacting animals now. You would think think that this piece of tech would help prevent issues like this not magnify them. IDIOT

  • Burge

    All because it looked like his iPhone … They all look the same… Model wise … What a @&¥#

  • Burge

    He says that the other guy stole it ! He lost it …how can he say he stole it …muppet…

  • Ai van

    The app tracks his specific iPhone which is registered, not just any random iPhone doesn’t it? He should have done what Vince said. I guess it was too much of a coincidence and he was overtaken by the fact that the app actually works. Poor that other guy. It miast have been his Karma:) I’m glad he wasn’t injured.

  • LT916

    Hahaha this is too funny

  • Andrew

    Damn, I reallt wish he had gotten the right guy and beat the hell out of him. I was hoping that’s where the story was headed.

    Either way, I commend him for trying, but he should have put a little more effort into properly identifying the guy.

  • I always want my phone to get stolen by some international gang. They I track it to their hideout stacks w drugs, money, and guns. Then I’ll storm in seal team 6 style and kill their leader and take the ret hostage then grab my iPhone and call the police to come clean up the mess

    • Burge

      You need to stay off the drugs…

    • emp9

      lol are you charles bronson?

  • Jj

    Find my iPhone lets you ring your lost phone to let you know it’s urs. Idiot

  • Mike

    And lock it. He could have stood 10 feet away, locked and “beeped” the iphone and watched for the guys reaction.

  • Gary

    UK folks have the benefit of an app to help this sort of thing – use a pass code on your iPhone and just add the app ‘Return My Phone’…
    Lost my 3GS last year and it’s cost me over £500 to replace it, now I have the nifty app installed and while i don’t want to lose my phone again I am better prepared now

    • appletiser

      sounds promising apart from their added admin fee and ive seen no assurance from yheir website that the app can’t simply be bypassed by jailbreaking or a restore .. so what’s stopping a potential finder from doing just that if the reward you’ve set isn’t deemed worthwhile?

      • Jj

        Yes. Once u restore the phone. It can no longer be tracked.

  • Jerseywhore

    Another JerseyWhore ??? Ops jersey shore

  • hoop

    Well my 10year had his stolen from school, so i tracked it down from my iphone and call the police and they got it back. but the 50.00 otterbox case was missing.Talked to the parents and they brought a new otterbox case. So for me it WORKED…..

    • josh

      Your 10 year old has an iPhone? You are a horrible parent, he’s never going to learn the value of a dollar.

      • hoop

        The reason he has an iphone is for safety because he walks over a mile to school. So just as it worked for me when the phone was stolen, it allows me to monitor him on his way to and from school. The case protects this investment. So actually, that makes a pretty good parent.

      • kokhean

        You, sir, are an idiot.

    • emp9

      10 year oldbrings an iphone to school, yeah smart parent. lmao then i wonder why the school doesnt trust parents anymore and always bug me if my child is out sick. parents today arent the same as 20 years ago.

  • gbatata

    There’s about a million more steps he could have taken before assaulting the guy. Like asking him

  • This is hilarious. NJ at it’s best.
    I wonder if the thought occured that more than one iPhone had been made…
    Ignorance at it’s best. I hope someone else took it while he was in custody and erased it 😛

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      I believe he knew more than one iPhone was there: His, and his son’s 🙂

      LOL, funny… dumb @ss funny!

  • Li

    Shoulda just kill him and take his iPhone … Oops that be stupid!! How can people lost their phone?!? Hanging them on the desk? Put it on the shuff? Just for other to steal it yeah sure JAIL Them!! Agree?

    • yourmom

      Please learn English.