It’ll be interesting to see if Apple gives Safari a facelift in the upcoming iOS 5 update. It’s already rumored that several areas like voice control will receive an overhaul, but will the tiny browser see any improvements?

If you’re not currently happy with Apple’s default browser, there are several alternatives in the App Store. iCab and Atomic are awesome choices, but what about Opera Mini? Even if you didn’t like the browser before, you might want to check out the latest update…

I’ve tried Opera Mini as a browser replacement on my iPhone before, and let’s just say it didn’t last long. But when I started noticing several media outlets reporting the major update, I had to check it out again.

The improved user interface is gorgeous and features convenient access to favorite websites and browser settings. Tapping the O launches a neat and easy to read menu. In my opinion, the highlight of the browser is the tab system.

Open pages are organized in a stack of previews that make switching between websites a breeze. Each window is accessible on demand, without having to wait for the page to reload.

Combine the unique tab feature with some nice upgrades like pinch to zoom and retina display compatibility, and you’ve got yourself a nice little browser. I especially liked the ability to share articles with Facebook and Twitter friends, with just a single tap.

While the update turns Opera Mini into a contender in the 3rd party browser arena, it’s still not suitable as a Safari replacement. Even with tweaks like Browser Changer, you’re still forced into Safari on a number of occasions. Opera Mini is available for free in the App Store.

iDB wants to know, do you like the new Opera Mini? What browser do you prefer?

  • GGGG

    When I am using WM, I loved to use opera mini. Though this new version of opera mini supports retina display, the speed is still slower than safari. Why?

    • Shrike1978

      That’s an easy one. Opera developers only have access to the API’s that Apple gives them. Apple has full access to every part of iOS, so anything they do can always be faster than anything a 3rd party can do.

      • gefdue

        well spoken……..

  • Martial

    One main complaint I have about Opera is that you are not able to share a page via email. They give you the option to share via Facebook and Twitter, but not email. I hope they fix this.

  • I’m really liking what Opera’s been able to accomplish with this update. While their tap zooming is still “dumb” & confined to text box limits, pinch zooming works just like any other iOS browser. Also, it can FINALLY play YouTube videos, albeit through the iOS YT app. It still doesn’t play back other multimedia or animated GIFs, but that’s because all rendering is done on Opera’s servers. That remote rendering, though, makes OM MUCH faster than other browsers, though. Won’t be my default, but I’m using OM a LOT more now.

  • Adefris Esheta

    Thank u opera is my favorite