As a French citizen living in the US, I am amazed by the amount of lawsuits filed by Americans on a constant basis. There always seems to be a good reason to sue someone, even if it sounds frivolous.

Racial discrimination is a valid reason to sue someone for sure, and Apple is about to verify that as 2 NY men are suing the company on the grounds that they are black. Apparently, two gentlemen from NYC were told by an Apple security agent that they were not welcome because of their race…

It appears that part of the conversation was recorded on a cellphone, and an employee was heard saying “and before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I am discriminating against you. I don’t want ‘your kind’ hanging out in the store.” The Apple Store manager was allegedly involved as well and made the decision to call 911.

Now let me ask you, how can Apple be called out for racial discrimination when the black iPhone 4 was the only model available for 8 months? As a Caucasian male, I find this extremely offending and discriminating. As a matter of fact, I might sue Apple on the ground that they caused me emotional distress for not being able to provide me with a white iPhone 4 earlier.

More seriously, I find it real hard to believe that not only one, but 2 Apple employees, including a Manager, would publicly engage in that kind of behavior. I guess it will the judge to decide.

What do you think?

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    Suck deeznutz

    • Anthony

      They were indeed black. But they were acting like children in the apple store. They were saying harsh sexual names to women. The employes were just upset and got out of hand.

      • That’s no excuse to discriminate kramer was heckled and look what he said to those black men. I have seen all races act childish but I don’t hate them based on a few bad apples. It seems like a lapse of judgment on who ever the gentleman (and I say that loosely) was if he was indeed an apple employee. As for Sebastian I could care less of your nationality I simply meant you don’t understand the American sociostratasphere as well as you think. If you plan on staying here for a while start to learn more of our people here before you make jokes that are funny only to you. Ask your new wife if she approves before you post it will help you out I’n the future of making snap silly statements. Like I said we all deserve second chances so here’s yours show us who you are because we know your not that bad because of this fine blog you entertain us every day. And obviously you love this country if you stay here longer than a visa stay right? But I digress your turn it I your blog anyway.

  • No, you first, good sir. Balls to you.

  • Poun

    Wtf ? That employee should be fired !

  • Chris

    Just goes to Show you how Racial Sensitive we become. It’s SO RETARDED it can’t be defined by Mere Words along. Come On..Racial discrimination over a *******phone!!!! are you Kidding. Next thing you’ll know, iMac need to be in either White AND black but not Grey..LMAO…BTW..aren’t laptop’s ONLY in Black or some sort of None Caucasian color…THAT’S RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!!!..LMAO!!

    • You know I was kidding when I said I was gonna sue Apple because they didn’t release the white iPhone 4 soon enough, right?
      I just want to make sure

      • Aaronieru

        Yeah, but it was not funny, dude. It was a little insensitive.

      • Marc

        This is Not funny!!! But I ain’t really surprise to see that from a French, i heard that in france being racist is really acceptable with ur sarkozy bashing minority everyday!!

      • Thames

        It was stupid and in such poor taste. Easy to act like a lark and be indifferent when you are not a part of the race that has been discriminated against for hundreds of years.

  • SLue

    If you’ve ever been to an Apple store you would know there is no way 2 Apple employees would ever say something like. I’m sure there is more to this story than we are being told.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      thats what i was thinking. not ruling out that this couldnt happen, there has to be more to the story that is being left out that makes this case a whole different situation. ive never had that problem in an apple store before. ive been followed in someplaces i shop or browse at before. i didnt sue them though. i just simply asked if they had a problem or could i help them (though i was the customer lol)

    • bc

      Considering it’s not Apple’s policy to racially discriminate, your statement is kind of dumb. It doesn’t have anything to do with Apple, it has to do with the 2 idiots that allegedly did this. That doesn’t mean Apple can’t be held responsible for the actions of their employees, but just because you didn’t see discrimination happening in another Apple store doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen at this one.

      Now Sebastien, I don’t enjoy reading about people suing other people, so I’m going to sue you for this blog post. It’s my duty as an American to do this. Tee hee!

      • Fine, then I’ll counter sue you 😉

      • bc


  • SoCoMagNuM

    as ones joke about black/white phones…that wasnt the issue here. the security said that they didnt want them there cause of their ethnicity. then apple employees said which is quoted “and before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. >>>I am discriminating against you. I don’t want ‘your kind’ hanging out in the store<<<" then the manager proceeded to call 911.

    to me that is racial profiling/discrimination in the first degree. the apple employee said it him/herself. i know if i were in that situation that probably be a very uncomfortable one. i dont know about suing but i prolly wouldnt leave just based off the fact im a potential customer just as anyone else is there. if it was an issue of theft…lemme tell ya. i work for wally world and ive seen theft over the years…its color/gender blind. people of all races, ethnicty, ages etc have been caught stealing. sometimes its minor like a lil kid takin a toy off shelf cause he thought he could just have it. one case i actually seen an asian guy (had to be in his mid 20s) just walk up to the sporting goods section by the gym equipment, try on a couple weight lifting gloves (taking them out of the packages) to see which one fits right. once he found his choice he kept them on then went to continue shopping as if they were his leaving his evidence behind.

    people just auto assume that a person of black ethnicity is just up to no good and have a tendency to steal or whatever the issue is while others rob them blind every day. like i said ive seen a great deal of theft in my day. surprisingly majority wasnt black but they do have many devious people out there. one things for sure. i cant just flat out tell someone to leave my store because of their ethnicity…thats preposterous.

  • Jason Masters

    Sebastian all due respect you don’t understand the issue here in America you find it trivial where to others it affects them on a deep personal level having gone through tribulations in this country based on nothing but their color. Your lack of respect and sensitivity to this issue is not surprising and please don’t tell us you have the old I have a black friend schpeel. It’s good to see you cavalier about this but as I pointed out not surprising simply because your ignorant of these events here in America.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      im pretty sure that he was joking about that as he stated in reply to another persons comment. im of black ethnicity yet i didnt find what he said offensive. i could read between the lines and see that he was being sarcastic.

      • Aaronieru

        I’m black and I was offended. I knew he wasn’t serious, but this is nothing to joke about. Total sarcasm fail.

  • John

    Clearly Sebastien you are offensive if you think making any joke like this. Blacks suffer everyday to hands which no white person can imagine.
    Just focus on doing your white things like writing this bullshit to anoy people who are trying everyday to get an advancement, to stop people from staring an for any number of offensive yet “unknown” acts of discrimination that blacks must face everyday!

  • SoCoMagNuM

    to behonest..i think just about every ethnicity gets racial profiled these days…not just black people as most people make it out to be. thats just from what ive personally seen and heard. im sure i get profiled everyday but as long as its not addressed to me in a unnecesary manner i could careless. if someone says that i have to leave a store cause im black…well then we have a problem lol.

    side note: an incident actually happened at a walmart in another state (not sure which one) a year or so ago where someone went on the intercom and announced that all black people need to leave the store. it was all over the news and the net. im pretty sure you can still find it. walmart was held responsible but it really was the individuals that actually performed the act. it impacted the entire company and cause many things to change to help prevent situations like that from happening again. can walmart control that issue? to an extent but its really up to that individual that feels its their duty to use discrimination at their own disgression.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    heres the link the walmart incident. it was a new jersey store

  • Second paragraph. Can you read that? “Racial discrimination is a valid reason to sue someone for sure”

    So don’t call me offensive or anything when I make it very clear that racial discrimination is a serious matter.

    As far as the white iPhone 4 joke, well, that was a joke, and if you can’t understand that, there is nothing I can do for you.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      some people cant not only read between the lines but whats stated clearly in front of them. nothing you can really do for them

      • Poun

        It has nothing to do with them not being able to read between the lines, it has to do with the fact that Sebastien revealed that he was French and that these people are are anti-french bigots, and that they will whine on anything just to express their discontent about him.

      • Aaronieru

        Sometimes it’s still not O.K. even if you’re being sarcastic.

    • Aaronieru

      So you say you take it seriously right after you say Americans sue for stupid reasons, and before you make a joke about how you’ll sue for racial discrimination because of the white iPhone being late?

      That’s 2-1 in favor of you not taking this setiously. You took the joking too far.

      And then you insult the intelligence of anyone offended? I get that you were being sarcastic! But it’s still not cool!


    I think the message is clear and has nothing to do with racial discrimination…

    “and before you say I’m racially discriminating against you, let me stop you. I AM DISCRIMINATING AGAINST YOU. I don’t want ‘your kind’ hanging out in the store.”

    That’s basically saying “Whether you are black, white or green, I do not want you here.” so what’s wrong with that?

    Can’t you get people out if they are black, in the US? Can security only stop white guys?

    So damn freak!

    • Aaronieru

      Then maybe he should have explained what he meant by “your kind” if he wasn’t being racist.

  • Wirehedd

    I find it interesting that the conversation managed to be recorded. Was it precognitive of the “victims” to have a recording in process or was there some form of premeditated activity involved? My next question would be what “exactly” did the security person mean by his statement of “your kind”? Did he mean black or did he mean shabby and intimidating by design (as in the nitwit black panthers the media made such a fuss over)?

    If he meant “black” then he’s a racist scumbag and deserving of whatever he gets.

    I’m not fond of bigots and there seems to be more at play here. I’ll be interested to see how this all plays out in the end. At the very least I see someone losing their jobs and, likely, deservedly so.

    • tfx


      Night clubs can discriminate based on attire, why couldn’t a store? And clearly it’s very interesting how this got to be recorded. Sure he could have given more details for the reason, but conveniently I don’t suppose the recording allows to find this out.

      • Aaronieru

        If it was attire, he should have said so instead of being intentionally vague.

      • tfx

        As I said. But I’m sure the recording cuts out as mysteriously as it cued in.

  • Josh

    People just need to get over themselves. Some people are BROWN(not black), some are caucasian, some are God knows what. Big deal. That doesn’t make them different than me or the next person. And for future reference, there IS truth to some stereotypes.
    Also, I actually found your joke very amusing sebastian. And I’m Asian/portugese. Im not attended by race jokes in any way. =D

  • Aaronieru you are an idiot!

    • Aaronieru

      Care to elaborate on that, troll?

  • Goofygreek

    I’m sure there is more to the story. For all we know, he might’ve meant you immature jerks as discriminating against you. Of course, if you weren’t there. Than you don’t know. Hopefully there are witnesses of multiple races to testify.

    • Aaronieru

      If that is true, then boy did he word it terribly.

  • vince

    i work in retail and have had many situations close to this. First of all i hate when your addressing someone of any minority they pull the minority card. this usually means they are wrong and are grasping at the only straw left to them, and that is to use race against me. As much as this infuriates me, because i always have to validate myself, and that i am asking you to leave because you are an ASS and not because of your or my color. also we all dont know what he was implying when he made his comment of “your kind”. I took it as someone that was acting inappropriately and or posing a threat to customers and or employees. Remember this you are a guest of apple and any other business, and it is not your right to be there it is a privilege to shop and interact with people in a retail setting. This has gotten lost with the lame stance of “the customer is always right” they are only right when acting like a civilized adult trying to correct a problem or question that they MAY have.

  • Tron Javolta

    Im Neon green and I think you are all fools. Try being Neon for just one day and see how it feels. And if you dont like the bloggers comments, dont read the blog. Simple.

  • bon

    sounds human to me racism is here to stay and is what america was built on… lol i am black and am treated badly quite often but thats life there is nothing i can do about it.. lol

    whites rule the world Which is why the manager called 911 cause knows when the cops come and see blacks under scrutiny its an open and shut case …. lol oh well

  • Mrallank

    Who makes up about 30% of the population? Who committs 85% of all crime? The folks that make up 30% of the population are not the victims. They are the perpetrators.

  • kokhean

    If you did that in my country, you could literally get arrested.

  • I like how my posts got deleted lol epic fail