There is a legal battle going on between Apple and Samsung right now. You might recall last month when we reported that Apple was suing Samsung for copyright infringement. Apple claimed at the time that Samsung’s latest devices strangely look similar to their iPhone. It took only 11 days for Samsung to countersue Apple, with 10 patents infringements claims.

Things are looking up for Apple as a San Jose judge ruled that Samsung shall give 5 of its latest devices to Apple’s legal team for them to make sure those devices do not copy the iPhone in any way…

Apple has produced images of Samsung products and other evidence that provide a reasonable basis for Apple’s belief that Samsung’s new products are designed to mimic Apple’s products

Among the 5 devices Samsung is supposed to give Apple, 3 of them haven’t hit the market yet, which means Apple will get to have a sneak peek at Samsung’s unreleased smartphones.

It’s interesting to note that although fighting in court and on the mobile market, Samsung and Apple have a pretty good business relationship. Samsung provides Apple with LCD panels and semiconductors for the iPhone and the iPad. For the story, Apple is also Samsung’s #1 customer.

There is not much doubt that Samsung indeed find inspiration in Apple’s design, but what phone manufacturer hasn’t?


  • SoCoMagNuM

    now that my friends is redundant. theres many phones that mimic the iphone. it doesnt even run iOS or have same components. it had more buttons. 2 completely different phones. dubya-tee-eff.

    • Steve works

      Kind of funny you support apple suing over copyright w the basis of the phone is too similar.

      But in the other article the companies are actually using tech from an exsisting patent and you call the ones suing there patent trolls.

      Why don’t you take the apple out of your asshole and stop being a fanboy.

  • G Funk

    Yeah I think every android phone lends it’s inspiration to the iPhone. Android is definitely different but probably wouldn’t exist without the iPhone.

  • J.Johnson

    why is there a picture of the iPhone next to the Samsung device when the Samsung device more closely resembles the iPhone 3G/s?