As Apple continues to improve upon its iPhone with speedy processors and powerful software, it’s only natural that at some point older devices will get left behind. The iPhone 3G had its nose pushed out with the release of iOS 4.3 earlier this year, and with iOS 5 just around the corner, the iPhone 3GS could be next.

According to Eldar Murtazin, the editor-in-chief of the Russian blog Mobile-Review, iOS 5 will not be compatible with devices released before the iPhone 4…

In a message posted to Twitter, Murtazin wrote:

Just one comment. Apple iPhone 3Gs wont be upgradable to iOS 5.x. iPhone 4 will.

No support for the iPhone 3GS makes us think that Apple’s A4 chip will be a minimum requirement for running the iOS 5 software, which we expect to be unveiled at WWDC this June. Don’t be too down-hearted, though – as the iPhone 3G proved, installing software on a device that doesn’t really have enough power to handle it can be an agonizing experience.

Those who upgraded their second-generation iPhones to the iOS 4 software encountered a plethora of problems, mostly due to its painfully slow performance on the aging device. Some users got so angry that they even threatened Apple with lawsuits for not allowing them to downgrade their firmware.

With that said, it’s probably best you stick to iOS 4.x on your 3GS if you want to keep it running smoothly anyway.


  • Anonymous

    So if we upgrade to 5, in two years will be ditching it and will buy iOS7?
    I think it’s a goodbye to iPhone and a hello to Android!

    • Good luck, those phones are definitely lower in quality. And even if google brings out a new software version, you most likely don’t get it. Or you get it many months later. Read Engadget’s Cyanogen Mod review. And you will see how many apps track your phone, outgoing and incoming calls. Send your phone number and IMEI number to both google and the developer. Only if you want to let the whole world now what you’re doing, you’re buying a CrapDROID device

    • eximius

      Right, then you won’t have to worry about updates at all cause they wouldn’t exist.

    • jonaz


      • Wow, what a comprehensive answer.
        Are u sure you have an iPhone.
        Because with these kind of answers, I’m going to think you are a wannabe iPhone user, with a SamSUCK CrapDROID device, with a fully copied iOS interface. Which SamSUCK gave the “magical” name Touchwhizz.

  • Jerry

    people with iphones under the 4 should not be complaining about not being able to upgrade their softwares because apple releases a upgraded iOS to work perfectly with the new phone that they release not with the old phones..they already released the earlier ios’s to work with those phone so is time to upgrade your phone if you want to have the latest and greatest features.

    • Any relation to Steve?

      • Jerry

        LOL I wish

    • Pam

      I don’t think he was talking about Steve Jobs, but the clueless one that posted up above?

      If you pay for an iPhone, you should be able to get upgraded iOS to fix the bugs/security holes that most of these big upgrade releases fix. If they’re not going to make it work for the 3GS, then they should put out an iOS 4 version with said fixes

  • Michael

    Yes, my 3G is painfully SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWW!! However, I’m waiting for my contract to expire so that I can upgrade to a newer phone without having to pay that hefty price for early contract release. Just only a month and half more to go. 🙂

    • Jerry

      my trick to have the newest phone each yr, i just kept my phone in Perfect mint condition screen protector and all and I’ll sell it each year on craigslist for lets say 500/550 ish at the time the phone is worth that much so then u would only have to put 200$ of your pocket for the newest 32gb..and each year repeat the cycle lol..simple as that

      • Michael

        I may have to try that. I didn’t think of that.

      • Michael

        I may have to try that. I didn’t think of that. Thanks for the tip.

  • Slappy T

    I still have the 3GS cause I felt bad about buying the iPhone 4 with the antenna issue and all. Looks like I’ll have to upgrade this fall. I hear they’re redesigning the thing anyway.

  • William

    that’s not true. Almost every iOS release comes with vital security patches and bug fixes, devices that can’t upgrade to the latest iOS version are completely defenseless against those security threats. It’s no secret that the next-gen iOS will be revealed in two weeks at WWDC, I’d be shocked if Apple announces to discontinue iOS-upgrade support for a device they are still carrying in the store.

  • Burge

    Most of us with a 3GS have still got it because of contracts and dont feel the need to pay out to get out of the contract to the fuck wit with the first post..who goes on about poor people I take it you buy a iPhone every year they come out.. I take it you have a house I take it your drive a car and go to work and you might even have a wife and kids.. And you might even think that you are better than everyone with a 3GS …well I’ve got all if what I put and I would rather send my money on my family and items that I need, than go and buy a new phone every year just because I can sir are not better than anyone with a 3GS fact are just a ……………………………………………………………I will let anyone with a 3GS finsh this….

  • Steve works on penises

    It’s not always about poor vs. rich, ass-wipe. I still have a 3GS because it works for me, and besides that, my contract isn’t up until November. It is also a matter of frugality. You do what you want, and I’ll do what I want, and we’ll all be just fine. We “poor folk” will worry about the newest tech if we damn well choose. Now go on back in hiding, troll.

  • Mike

    There’s no reason Apple can’t issue iOS 4 security updates after the release of iOS5.

    They’ve done updates to differing iPod software versions.

    They’ve done updates to differing OS X versions as well.

  • Me

    @ Steve
    Go put your iPhone 4 in a case to use ..real tech ..a phone that needs to be in a case because of signal problems…real tech…As for my 3GS and the first iPhone I had case no signal problems…oh I must get a phone that drops calls unless it’s in a case…apple went backwards with that one..and you seem proud that you got a i4…not so tech there was it ..

  • Jesus, joseph and doggy style marie the iphone 3gs is a pile of dog shit and people who carrying that shit are poor and stupid

  • I think the 3GS still has alot of life in it
    Why shouldn’t it be supported

    I’ve never owned a 3GS but im pretty sure it’s whole lot better than alot of the crap out there at the moment


    The 3gs isnt the latest or greatest device but its still not out of date. Don’t just bash it cause its not the newest cause it still works great dont get me wrong i love my i4 but i only have an i4 cause im on verizon and my contract ended right as it came out so i upgraded to it. 3gs has potential and should get ios5. also quit trolling -.-

  • megatr0n

    I didn’t buy a 4 for much of the same reasons you all have mentioned. It didn’t really feel like much of an upgrade to the 3GS, to me.. will definitely be purchasing the 5 tho, I can’t have my phone being obsolete- as soon as a jailbreak is available that is.

  • Cameron MacGregor

    Apple wont leave 3Gs users out. They will probably do a scaled version of iOS5 for 3Gs handsets like they done for iOS3 for the original iPhone

  • obviously he was joking…at least i laughed.

    apple will strip some features from the 3gs even if it is capable of handling it. the 3gs going into iOS 5 is a fast little machine. the 3g going into iOS4 was a slow machine not really capable of it.

    when iphone 4 came out features that the 3gs could handle were taking out. even that find my iphone isn’t available. apple, are you telling me the 3gs can’t be found. BS…apple is a terrible company that happens to make a few great devices. ill buy them till there is something better. ahhh i cant wait to go to another company. and the touchpad looks like a suitable candidate. it even receives your smses and you can reply from your pad! thats awesome!

  • Apple

    iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 3GSes?

    • rushi


  • JoBerlin

    The iPhone 3GS outsells any other Smartphone at the moment. Even the best selling top notch Android devices. So Apple certainly will release a scaled version or leave out some features (Like they did with the personal wifi hot spot. MyWi is better anyway).

  • BabylonX

    I wouldn’t have a problem to stick with iOS 4 on my 3Gs if it was also possible to be able to buy newer Apps from the App Store. But what usually happens is that older Apps are updated to support the new iOS and if you have to stay with it you stop receiving updates for the older iOS. I would understand it if they stopped supporting the 3Gs after a few iOS 5 releases but not releasing it at all for the 3Gs would be a big turn down for us.

    Oh, and I hate the style of iPhone 4. I love the old curvy, iPod like look of the iPhone 3Gs. When it comes to looks, the iPhone became like many other smartphones on the market. And it also has the antenna problem. There is absolutely no reason for a 3Gs user to update unless he is a geek and an Apple funboy. If you buy an iPhone today its great but if you have a 3Gs there is absolutely no serious reason to upgrade.

  • jdellum

    why do so many of you have to be so crass, ignorant and vulgar? Just curious why people can’t be civil to each other, haters.

  • Jared

    If apple updated all of the previous versions of the phone to have all the new features of the new phone, what would be the incentive to buy the new phones? It is in the best interest of business to stop supporting older phones after a couple years.

  • crono_1999

    My iphone 3gs 16gb can’t upgrade today (12 oct 2011), the program tell me: “internal error”

  • Unregistered

    Anyone who still uses iPhone 3GS s not s true apple mac fan, for a fan would upgrade as soon as they possibly can. If you wish to stick with 3GS go for it, but don’t complain if you get left behind.

    • noName

      You, sir, are an idiot! The 3GS is still supported by Apple. And as a true Mac fan you might not even care about the iPhone at all. Why? Because it’s definitely NOT a Mac.
      At least time should have taught any Apple fan that you should wait before getting an Apple device. Most Apple devices had problems in their first iteration.