Graphic artist Jan-Michael Cart is on a roll these days with his iOS 5 concept videos. After imagining how speech recognition and fast app switching might work on iOS 5 Jan-Michael is now sharing with us his vision of a Lion-style dashboard on Apple’s next iOS update.

As Cart explains, when you slide over to the old Spotlight Search screen, the wallpaper shifts and you’re taken into a Dashboard screen similar to the kind found in Mac OS X. You can have many pages of widgets…

I have to say that this concept looks really sexy. I hope someone is watching and taking note over at Cupertino.

What do you think?

  • Paul

    looks like a jailbreak iphone to me

    • Chris

      I agree


    just gunna say that looks hot if it turns out like that id be so happy

  • jedoonat

    Looks pretty nice! But watching this video kinda gave me an idea. Since Apple have been leaning towards gaming lately. Why don’t they just make a hardware change to where the home button is also a analog stick/pad? I think that would be a great way to get rid of the on screen joystick. I dunno…, just something for them to think about.

    • If it become a touchscreen button like the rumors have it, then it could be a touch pad similar to the recent BlackBerry.

      I think the integration of Lion features back into the iPhone is VERY likely. 🙂

  • jack

    Dashboard and widgets did not really work for Mac osx, I hardly believe that it could be popular in ios. (its too complicated 🙁 )

  • r

    why would i ever have a widgets on my iphone when i have apps? why would i use a twitter widget and not the twitter app? this is stupid.

    • megatr0n

      co sign.

  • Daviid

    So that’s a widget! Lol. No thanks I prefer full screen apps

  • Érico

    i don’t like it at all…. next please.