It’s no secret that the App Store is a massive success. Apple took the idea of ‘mobile applications’ and turned it into a cultural phenomenon.

In 34 months, over 500,000 apps have been approved by Apple for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. That’s a lot of apps. Check out an awesome infographic that details it all after the break (it’s a big one)…

WWDC is right around the corner, and it’s expected that Steve Jobs or another exec will give the traditional “state of the union” address on App Store numbers. It will be interesting to see how the two reports compare.

It’s no surprise that Angry Birds is number one on the list of paid apps.

Kudos to Chomp, 148Apps, and Chilingo for putting together this jumbo-sized infographic.

Are you surprised at these numbers? The Android marketplace has some catching up to do.


  • moimoimoimoi

    Hundred and thousands of apps and only a few thousand worth downloading ……

    The rest are either a) Crap. b) Useless c) ‘Lite’ versions

    • ECH

      I would like to see consolidated the “lite” version into the “pro” versión, with in-app purchase. MANDATORY… that’ll be nice

    • Jon Garrett

      which is why Windows 7 focuses on quality over quantity. what good are 500,000 apps if you only have a couple dozen installed on your device. not only are thousands of apps useless crap but thousands of them are just copies of each other, they all do the exact same thing.

      • Joe

        There are thousands of amazing apps, and thousands of ok apps. Shut up with that wp7 crap, cause a your apps are

      • Paul

        i have been on a windows 7 phone due to my friend gettin coned into gettin one, and that shit is a piece of shit. the only thing dope on it is the xbox live shit ..

      • urlow

        you might have a couple dozen installed on your device, but I will have a completely different set of apps on my device. a lot of apps are strictly in chinese which you would have no use for, but there is a market of hundreds of millions for those apps.
        instead of having a chinese app store for example, apple just lumps all the apps together in one big pile.

  • ECH

    I would love to see Cydia infographic… I bet got some amusement too

  • Paul

    i agree most of these apps are crap…my iphone 4 aint shit if if aint jailbreaked

    • Jon Garrett

      wow, amazing to see someone be so honest. Ive always said the same thing, a non-jail broken iphone is just as plain as any other phone.