According to DigiTimes, Apple is looking into introducing curved glass screens in future iPhones. The technology isn’t new, and Apple itself has been using this for their iPod Nano line for a while now, so they do have experience with the design and manufacturing process.

Because it is so expensive and risky to make curved glass screens, a lot of manufacturers simply don’t do it. Instead of relying on manufacturers for that, Apple, who’s sitting on a huge pile of cash, has been heavily investing in its own 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers…

What is so great about curved glass screens? Apparently, they do give an aesthetic advantage to the device, being more comfortable for the eyes. Additionally, they might even give the device an ergonomic edge when placed against your leg in your pants pocket.

It is very unclear at this point whether Apple is looking to implement curved glass screens in the iPhone 5 or if they’re still experimenting for the iPhone 6.

What do you think?

  • keelan


    haha First 😛

  • Daniel CG

    Stop saying first. Seriously nobody cares.

    • iphoneuser16

      obviously you do if your commenting on!

  • Hakan

    i think, Apple has already the idea of what the iPhone 4S/5 would be and they invested machines for producing the iPhone for september

  • Burge

    If and when we get a curved glass on a iPhone it want happen this year..why because apple do not work about 4 months ahead ..the shape of the 4s/5 has already been decided , Apple work atleast 9/12 months ahead..this might happen on next years device

  • Ergonomic edges in my pants- I like it.

  • I’m not so sure about curved glass it’s not something that they really need on an iPhone

  • Burge


  • donte

    i like the thought of flat glass. seems to have better definition.