Earlier this month we reported on the return of a Cydia alternative known as Icy to the jailbreak scene. The renewed package installer came out swinging with a quick and simple user interface, as well as the ability to add all of your favorite sources.

From the same folks that brought you Icy, comes Installer 4.0. The Infini-Dev team posted on their blog yesterday that they had successfully ported Installer to iOS 4.3.3, let the nostalgia and deja vu begin…

If you’ve been jailbreaking for a while, chances are you remember Installer. It was actually the first 3rd party app store available for jailbroken iDevices before both Icy and Cydia were around.

The Infini-Dev team garnered some attention earlier this month, as they re-released the popular Icy installer in beta form. The package installer is a direct competitor to Cydia since they both use similar repository sources.

Installer, however, is a whole different animal. The Infini Dev team’s blog states that it works with a different system than Cydia, so you won’t be able to just add your favorite Cydia repos.

“As we speak, we are working on a new community source for installer only, which means you will be able to install things via installer.”

The package installer’s UI is gorgeous, and the closest thing I’ve seen to the App Store’s look and feel. That, however, is about the only positive thing the software has going for it right now.

Since it was just released over the weekend, there’s no point in pointing out its flaws. Just understand that Installer won’t replace Cydia for you right away. There is currently just a small selection of apps and tweaks, and I have experienced a fair amount of glitches.

After the software matures a bit and gets access to more content, I can see it being a serious tool in the jailbreak community. Hats off to the Infini Dev team, which seem to be working around the clock to bring 3 different Cydia alternatives to market.

If you want to check out Installer for yourself, you can grab it from Cydia (my, how the tables have turned). Just make sure to add http://fr0stdev.co.cc/repo to your list of sources, otherwise you won’t find it.

Have you tried Installer yet? Are you glad that Cydia alternatives are starting to spring up?

  • Burge

    I downloaded this from ispazio and it don’t work..I downloaded it from fr0st repo and still don’t work.. The defoult repos have to the addresses..This needs sorting before you can do anything ..I just don’t know why this has been released yet you can not do anything with it..the same goes for icy..here we have 2 installers that are ment to compete with cydia and so far they don’t work..2 – 0 to cydia…I can not wait for Lima ..is that going to work ?

    • htrefg

      Probably youre not on 4.3.3

      • Burge

        Yes i’am

  • Samtulp6 -Infini-Dev

    Well, it’s because i don’t have the source code, i just had the .app . i chmodded it and edited some executables. Installer doesn’t support Cydia repo’s, but just an hour ago RipDev put their community source back online, specially for installer. Icy is still in beta as clearly stated. . Installer just works, installs, opens, downloads’ etc.

    Samtulp6 – Member of infini-Dev , maintainer of Installer

    • Burge

      All I get on the installs are errors..the only repo that installs is BigBoss the 5 just error .. I would like to get this working ..and I will not give up ..If I can help you in any way I would love to.. I loved using this first time round..where can I get these repos from ? For installer

  • Lima will be better then Cydia, Icy and Installer combine.

  • Clav

    When will Lima be available for download???

    • It will be available very soon and they also said it will be 5x faster then cydia.

  • anon

    Time for Cydia to realise it sucks and why there are alternatives attempting to popup.

    I mean they acquired the “Rock” store which was 15x better and prettier than cydia and they just closed it. eeeeeejits.

    I have seen smart people jailbreak for the first time and then when they open Cydia it is like hitting a brick wall. It is so ugly, so slow and so unintuitive.

    I would be ashamed if it was my design.

  • Jamal

    Installer crashes for me

  • Sparky

    Got Installer from fr0st. It tried to update and failed. Now it won’t even open.

    • Sparky

      Reinstalling fixed it. Other repos Won’t load except BigBoss. But it doesn’t show packages from BB.

  • Shrike1978

    Installer was trash when it was first out. The only reason it was popular was because it was first. Developers hated it because the depedency and version management was non-existant. It lacked everything that modern package management needs. Things that unix package management has been doing for over 20 years. The whole reason Cydia came into being was because Saurik was developing Telesphoreo (BSD Subsystem replacement) and Installer could not handle the job of installing it, and rather than reinvent the wheel, Saurik ported a 15 year old (mature) package management system that already had its act together.

    Rock and Icy were both trash for many of the same reasons. Although they did support proper dependency and version management, they took a lot of shortcuts in the name of “speed” that caused things to sometimes get half-installed or just flat out mangled. Rock has killed my iOS install and forced me to restore. Icy just plain didn’t work at all for me the only time I tried it. Cydia isn’t slow because Saurik wants to make you wait…it’s slow because it’s doing a lot of things *properly* to make sure everything works and works safely.

  • I’ll be completely honest. I love the speed and look/feel of this app.
    I understand it’s still new software, but dang. An error message on anything I click. I look forward to using Installer whenever these issues can be ironed out.

  • √Črico

    i hope cydia is not alone. competition is always good.