Apple made a pretty big revamp to its retail experience over this past weekend. What sites have started calling “Apple Store 2.0” now features interactive iPad displays for each product and enhancements for customer and Apple employee interaction.

Alongside Apple Store 2.0, Apple has updated its official Apple Store app with a few enhancements. You can now configure a new Mac with specific customizations (like on Apple’s website), and do things like see how many people are in front of you in line at your local Apple store…

What’s New in Version 1.3

– Enhanced in-store mode lets you get help and support quickly when you’re at an Apple Retail Store.
– The ability to custom-configure a new Mac with the options you want.

Apple knows how to do customer service the right way, and the update to the Apple Store app only affirms that truth. It’s super easy and straightforward to schedule an appointment with a Genius, access Mac OS X Tips and Tricks, workshop schedules, and even see how many people are in front of you in line.

Here’s a nice video walkthrough of the new interactive iPad displays in Apple stores worldwide:

The Apple Store app is available for free in the App Store.

Make sure to head over to your local store with your updated Apple Store app and let us know how everything goes. Let us know what you think of the new iPad displays, too!


  • Shaz

    mmm i love when apps are only available for United States… so practical right? WRONG!

    • appletiser

      usually I’d agree with you on that as historically most things iDB highlight like this are US only, this however seems not like that for once as it located my nearest UK store without hesitation 🙂

      • Shaz

        really? weird.. i downloaded it.. and tried to run it and the app said that it wasnt offered in my area.. toronto canada :S

      • appletiser

        yea, saw Covent Garden (London) in the screen shots so gave it a try and it found my nearest store 20 miles away. personally I would’ve presumed even if it was only US based that geographically they’d include Canada too.

  • Joel

    Considering Apple is an American based company yes it does make sense

    • Shaz

      not when us and canada trade up to 70% of their total goodies to each other! make your apps usa/canada legit! grr

  • htrefg

    Looks like someone’s out of paper, maybe trying to conserve tress?

  • We love our non-U.S. readers, but we are an American-based site for an American-based company. Sorry we can’t cater to everyone at once. 🙁