When the iPhone’s consolidated tracking file was first revealed last month, it took the jailbreak community 24 hours to respond. The day after the story broke, Ryan Petrich released a free Cydia tweak that would clear the iPhone’s location history.

But if untrackerd and Apple’s own iOS 4.3.3 update haven’t dismissed your fears of big brother following your every move, Cydia once again has a solution for you. For all the folks wearing aluminum foil hats out there, here’s Footprintz…

This new jailbreak app turns the iPhone’s logged location data into plots on a map, similar to the desktop software that was released when the location bug went public last month.

Once Footprintz is installed, you can see a virtual breadcrumb trail of where the iPhone has been in the past. Then you can take that location data and delete it, email it, or even export it to a spreadsheet file.

Want to know if someone was telling the truth about their whereabouts? You can sort the tracked data by date and location. Feel like you’re being watched? Footprintz also has an option to throw random coordinates into the iPhone’s location history.

The developer comments that this app does not require iTunes backup files, it just uses existing data on your phone. In fact it uses the consolidated.db file, so if you’ve upgraded to iOS 4.3.3, your location history is minimal.

I check in too often with Facebook and other apps to care about a silly location file, people generally know where I’m at. If you want to checkout Footprintz for yourself, it’ll run you $0.99 in the Cydia Store.

Have you tried Footprintz yet? Or could you care less about consolidated.db at this point?

  • Phosphorus


  • install this app for your wife

  • appletiser

    installed via bigboss, rebooted, opened the app but no data displayed. I haven’t to my knowledge deleted anything in from the consolidated.db file .. does this happen to anyone else?

  • Are you on iOS 4.3.3? Have you used untrackerd?

  • appletiser

    thanks fo the reply. yes 4.3.3 (8J2) and no, I’ve never installed untrackered, for two reasons – not being concerned about this whole ‘tracking’ issue and secondly because I didn’t want to potentially risk erasing previous location data from Signal.app

    • akag9

      Same here. Empty csv, no dots on 4.3.3. Works fine on my old 3G with 4.2.1. Let us know if it tracks future movements…

  • Hmm, if you’ve already tried respringing and restarting, I don’t know. If you go into the cydia page you purchased it from, there should be contact info for the developer. I would ask if he’s seen it before.

  • appletiser

    ok think that could be the next shot. i exported the file to myself as a .csv, it’s completely devoid of any data apart from the headings tabs: Source, Time, Latitude, etc. if I have disabled tracking in some way is it possible to re-enable? thanks again

  • Chris

    @ appletiser, do you even have location services turned on?

    • appletiser

      Lol yes, I use several location based apps although Footprintz isn’t listed with them and it didn’t ask for location access when I first ran it. I’ve sent enachand an email, with cydia logs and dpkg info.

      • appletiser

        ok just an update: found a utility that extracts files from iPhone backups, copied an older version of consolidated.db onto the device using iFile, Footprintz now displays my location history. now all I need to do is see if future usage is recorded and displayed. thanks again for helping out and suggestions.

      • appletiser

        slight weirdness now I’ve got it working, it says 6 weeks ago I spent a day in a specific area of Scotland but I’ve not been to Scotland for almost 20 years! 😐

      • Wanker

        You mean you have no recollection of being in Scottland for the past 20 years. Save it for the jury. The prosecutors evidence shows otherwise.

        Guilty as charged!

      • moob

        Lol despite the overwhelming evidence, since the death of my relatives 20 years ago, I have had no need or reason to visit the area of Scotland indicated by Footprintz, coincidentally the area is within 20 miles of where I used to go.

      • Wanker

        You mean there is a country in Europe more than 20 miles across?

  • SpideyRules

    @appletiser Maybe it’s tracking your future…ooooOOOOOOooooohhhhh

    • moob

      Lol if that turns out to be true do not come asking me for lottery predictions 🙂

  • Daniel

    Ive been looking for an app like this as I ha e always wanted to be able to show where I have been.