Though it isn’t a secret that Apple is planning on launching their rumored “iCloud” service at WWDC next month, it still is just speculation. The Cupertino company has been fairly silent regarding the upcoming project.

But if you look at the trail of petabyte purchases and music industry leaks, it’s not hard to figure out what’s going on. As more details emerge on Apple’s quest to acquire licenses for their new service, evidence seems stronger than ever that iCloud is WWDC-bound…

Why’s everyone talking about Apple’s new cloud service? The company’s choice to secure licenses from record labels is expected to give Apple’s service a large advantage over the competitors, not to mention deep iOS integration.

As Apple continues its talks with major record labels, more information continues to leak from inside the music industry. According to the gossip, the iPhone makers recently reached an agreement with Sony Corp.

This would leave Apple with just one more major label, the Universal Music Group, to reach an accord with. Word on the street is Apple also has to get permission from the labels’ accompanying publishing partners, but that isn’t expected to be a difficult task.

Either way it looks like Apple will have everything in order to at least announce the service next month at their developer’s conference. With Google and Amazon already having such a head start, could Apple really afford not to?

What do you think? Are you excited about Apple’s cloud service?


  • Spoon2

    I might actually get a MobileMe account if this was something that Apple would offer. Seeing how MobileMe already has similar type utilities, this might warrant the price of $99 per year.

  • Paul

    whats the point of streaming your music on cloud with weak phone companies like ATT and verizion are going to be cappin bandwidths ????? im glad im still on unlimited on at&T but who knows how long that will last

  • htrefg

    Modmyi construction page has a new favicon. Fishy

  • Ben

    How will this be different to the iDisk on MobileMe? I already stream my music to my iPhone.

  • omilana

    what would this actually mean to iphone users n itune acount people?

  • I sincerely doubt the service will be up by June or even this year at all. Lately these sources have been way off and not really trustworthy at all. Tipb actually has real hard facts and more reliable sources and have been on the front with news concerning the iPhone or apple related products. But this site is still entertaining though with its funny pieces and rumor pieces.