If you were a fan of the movie Training Day, you’ll love Gameloft‘s upcoming iOS title. The aptly-named 9mm promises to set itself apart from other open-world shooters.

Instead of the typical protagonist that runs around doing evil deeds for underground thugs, the main character appears to be a street savvy cop. Sound interesting? Hit the jump for the 9mm teaser trailer…

Not a whole lot is currently known about Gameloft’s new title. The company hasn’t even officially announced the storyline, but it’s pretty easy to figure out when you combine the recently released game trailer with recent remarks from the company’s German Twitter account:

“Only the bravest cops can keep peace and order in the toughest areas”

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of Gameloft’s Gangster series, a similar Grand Theft Auto-type shooter. We’ll have to see how this game has evolved from that lackluster series.

I don’t consider myself an iOS gamer by any means, but this particular title seems rather interesting. It appears to be a fairly anticipated title among the iOS gaming community as well, judging by Touch Arcade‘s long 9mm thread.

Anyone think Gameloft’s new title looks interesting? Or is touch screen gaming still not worth a darn?

  • Funked

    I think this looks awesome! I’m big on my iOS games, so I’ll defo be checking this out once it’s released 🙂 glad to see it’ll be on iPad too! Hope the graphics are good. Developers need to release more games using the Unreal Engine – normal games are fine on iPhone, but ugly pixels and square graphics don’t look nice on the gorgeous iPad2 display!

  • BLiNK

    i too am not a big iOS gamer but i will most definitely be making this purchase

  • Cameron

    I may download this BUT these type of games are more for the PS3 and the Xbox, Trust me, I litualy beet up my iPhone when I died in Modern Combat, iPad is a defiant go however for this game.

  • mripod64

    getting it!

  • Ddr

    A rip-off isn’t a bad thing. A lotta people want a space shooter like Halo on their phones, but Bungie doesn’t make one. So Gameloft fills the need with their high-quality “rip-offs”, and everyone’s happy.

    • kamakachi

      Niceone mate


    Love Modern Combat 2, I’m level 72, KDR of 3.01 but I’m bored of it and 9mm is a great replacement. Multiplayer is fun, I am better than what level indicates because of my experience with MC2.