Google is now allowing you to use Google Maps directly from the browser, without having to use an application. Simply point your iPhone to and after allowing the web app to use your current location, Google Maps will locate you and offer various options that are already available through the native app.

The app works pretty well, although it took me a minute or so to really figure out how everything worked, especially how to get directions and switch back and forth with the maps. Maybe that’s just me though. It’s still early and my brain probably isn’t at 100%.

This being said, the conspiracy theorist in me thinks there is a reason why Google is releasing Google Maps for the browser at this time…

As we’ve seen in the past, Apple has been working on developing its own map app, first by buying out PlaceBase, a mapping company, but also by hiring map software developers. My guess is that Google knows very well that its days on iOS devices as a stock app are counted and is now making a push to the browser.

As long as I have my Google Maps app on the iPhone, I can’t see why I would use the web app for that.

What do you think?

  • Binary-Stalker

    It has been for a week or so, actually.

  • Topsy

    Well just got to know now. Thanks Seb. Though I use TomTom, still very informative. One mans meat is another’s poison. If you know already, let others know.

  • My safari crashes every time I do anything with it. Move the map or look up a poi. Crash!

  • thierry

    I love Google Maps, it’s an app I use a lot. If ever this app disappears from iPhone, I think i’m gonna switch to Android

    • Jon Garrett

      I too use the map more than any other app and Android has many things worth switching for but Ive read around the net that apple is working on its own map app.

  • Hari

    The maps app is seriously outdated in technology compared to the Android one. E.g., the android app uses the newer vector based data to map out and it not only saves the bandwidth, it is also saves them in the local cache for offline use and also provides incredible flexibility in zooming in and out. If maps in the browser can bring the offline access feature to iOS (by taking advantage of the corresponding HTML5 feature), it is worth using it for that sake.

  • Steve works

    I doubt it’ll disappear. Even if they remove it from being a default app they could always just put it on the app store. No reason youvwould need to use this in your browser

  • German

    I have Google Maps working in Safari since months ago, its not new. I use it to view my personalized maps

  • It works great I uses it today to get a rental car.

  • Jacksparrow

    I like Tom Tom the best. Out of all these map apps it seems to be the only one that caches the maps and they are available when you have no wifi and no 3G.

  • Does the turn-by-turn navigation work? It sucks that google maps doesn’t have turn-by-turn on the iPhone, however mapquest works just fine!

  • na_raka

    I don’t think it’s easy for me ­čÖü …. U just give information but not give me technic support… I need the code pleasseeee ….