An interesting piece of non-informative information from the Associated Press quoting a survey (I can’t seem to find an actual link to this survey) that found AT&T and T-Mobile at the bottom of ratings in customer satisfaction.

AT&T haters will rejoice whereas those like me who have always had great experience with AT&T customer service will be wondering how this is possible…

According to the survey, both Sprint and Verizon rank at the top of the ratings with a score of 72 in customer satisfaction. AT&T scored 66, while T-Mobile scored a 70. These numbers almost make sense until you read the fine prints of the survey.

This survey has a margin of error of 3 points. That means that Verizon adjusted score could either be 75 or a 69. Likewise, AT&T score could be a 63 or a 69. So, taking this margin of error into account, it proves that this survey doesn’t actually prove anything at all as the lowest rating company – AT&T – might have actually scored as well as the best rated one – Verizon or Sprint.

So at the end of the day, I think it’d be more fair to call it even, wouldn’t it?

  • Pam

    Yea, I’m not sure about this survey. I have had Verizon internet, home phone and wireless phone frequently over the past decade and they are by far the absolute worst as far as customer service goes. By the time you get to speak to an actual person, you are so stressed out and frustrated by having to press 1, 2 and 0 for 20 minutes that you forget what the hell you were calling for.

    AT&T on the other hand is very easy to get to a person and they are always helpful. I think the people that did this survey are on crack 😉

    • Tom

      I had what you said, but backwards. I always had to call at&t because they mess up something on my bill, overcharged me for something not possible or logically, or something isn’t working (i

  • Al

    AT&T can go and pound some sand, they suck!!!!

  • Tom

    (i.e. Data moving slow, phone calls stoping and dropping, 3G, turning into an o and dropping me ou) I went to Verizon and I never have to call them for any thing, no “omg, what’s this on my bill” no drop calls, data moving faster than at&t, and me feeling happy. That’s just my experience though.

  • Dave

    I had all services with AT&T home phone, internet, & Uverse. April 4th I turned off home phone, since then it’s been a nightmare. First they not only cut off home phone but also wireless service. Went to wireless store they say “there’s nothing we can do, landline cut your service off for nonpayment call them.” Call ATT explain situtation they my bill paid that not the reason. Customer service don’t understand why service terminated. Then told I may need security deposit to restore service even though termination not my fault, not to mention restration fees (I have 5 lines). Took over 2 hours to resolve matter to my satisfaction. Have 2 unlimited data plans. Few days later receive text informing me had gone over on data plan. ATT had removed unlimited data & replaced with 200mb plan. Once again on phone with customer service for more than an hour. Check account online and noticed changes made to my services. Again on phone with customer service trying to get everything straight. Then my Uverse and internet services changed without my consent. I have spent so much time on phone with with customer service these past 6 weeks. Does this sound like Customer Saisfaction!

  • JR

    I really don’t understand what the problem is with AT&T. I have been with them since 2003 and never had a problem with them. Been a Iphone customer since day one and service has been good and I live NYC.

  • FutureMedia

    I love AT&T. Just yesterday, customer service gave me a $90 credit and saved me $120 over the next year. What’s not to love about them?

  • Kickstar13

    I’ve had an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile since 2008 as well as other Android devices and I’ve never had any problem with Customer Service.

  • Sobe

    I hate AT&T the worse customer service ever. I have been with them since about 2002. I live in a rural area. I don’t even have 3G. Back around April 15 at my home I was having problems with dropping calls, no signal for up to 30 minutes at a time. I call customer service explaining my problem. She says I can see they are having problems with the tower in your area. But the good news is on May 6 we are turning on a new 3G tower in your area. So please be patient till then. Sure no problem. Well on May 9, I still have no 3G service, I call back to AT&T & ask about the new tower. Customer service agent tells me, “It has been delayed till the 16th for activation” fine, thank you. On the 18th I call to ask about the new 3G tower, This time the agent informs that there is no new tower that is about to be activated & that there isn’t even plans in the future for a new tower in my area. So basically the 2 agents just lied to get me off the phone. So if you think it will get any better when they absorb T Mobile will be in for a big surprise.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Don’t know about AT&T, but I love Tmobile their CS has always treated me fair. I’m hoping that doesnt change when AT&T takes control

  • Previous iPhone User

    Yeah, I gotta say, att has gone way down hill. My wife is on verizon and they have gone downhill too. Sprint, though, has risen high. They do have awesome customer service and in my experience, ad good phone service as verizon (better than att). Although apple customer service is top notch also.

  • SofaKingStoked

    I was with Cingular when they went to AT&T, and I cut out quick after being treated like crap by AT&T customer service. I have had an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile since day 1, and they are amazing. They even have a dedicated iPhone tech line, and they don’t even sell the iPhone!! T-Mobile’s customer service is 100% 1st in class, I hope if and when AT&Crap takes us over the service levels remain the same.

  • z

    I would have bought an AT&T iPhone because they have better coverage but sadly no unlimited data (I use 5+ gigs a month tethering and stuff :/

  • Buie

    They have been good to me. I complained about the network and got $100 dollars credit and a free macrocell. They even gave me a $50 credit for gas.

    • Sobe

      what is a macrocell?

      • Sbuie

        MircroCell sorry. A mini 3G tower that uses your Internet confection to create a signal in your home

  • Sobe

    I called and asked for a MicroCell instead of giving me one to help my connection they instead gave me a $125.00 credit & promised me that a new tower would be activated this week. So we shall see.