A man in Manhattan saw an ad on Craigslist for 4 iPhone 4 at $400 a piece, for a total of $1,600. Because the seller was in Wichita, the buyer asked a friend of his who live there to go buy the iPhones for him. He sent him a check for $1,600, his friend cashed the check and set up a meeting with the seller.

When they met, the buyer gave the seller $1,600 without even bothering having a look at the iPhones. What a terrible mistake. Of course, the boxes were empty, and when he realized that and yelled at the seller, he was told that he had a gun, and that he should basically shut up and leave…

I don’t want to sound too harsh but this guy is a complete moron. Who would spend $1,600 on 4 portable devices without asking to look at them first?

Today, someone owns 4 very very expensive iPhone 4 boxes. If you happen to know this guy, tell him I might have a few more boxes to sell him. I swear I’ll give him a better deal.

[Wichita Eagle]

  • Dre


  • Dude

    Wow! Dumbass

  • With friends like this, he won’t be needing any enemies!

  • Come on now this guy didn’t know and his friend almost paid for it with his life
    Even if he asked to see them first what’s to say he wouldn’t have shot him just for asking that
    Calling him a dumbass and taking the piss isn’t cool. 🙁

    • Dre

      Lmaoooo @ with a friend like this , he won’t need enemies lol

    • Dah

      So you should not even ask some to show you something at you are paying $1600 because he might shot you? Dah.

  • SofaKingStoked

    Thanks to our fellow evil man-kind. Craigslist is no longer safe to use. Meet someone to buy a lap-top, end up in a pine box! This world is just done!

  • The friend IS a dumbass! $1600 is a lot of money, in any currency! If you just hand them over without even inspect the goods, then you ARE a dumbass.

  • AMB

    Are you guys total morons? Think about it for a second, just think; assuming the seller DID have a gun, if the guy checked the boxes and saw that there was nothing then what do you think would happen? Huh? The seller would have shot him and grabbed the money, the guy wouldn’t be alive to tell the story.

    I think we should be happy for this guy since he’s still in one piece. Think with your thick heads before judging him and calling him a total moron.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      Sorry man,but was said “that he gave the money and checked the contents after that”

      Yeah, I think he’s a moron, Set up a meeting with a person you don’t know, alone, for a bargain of devices that for that price probably could have been stolen, he could at least have choose a place with a lot of people, or went there with someone else, of course, if the guys had a gun it wouldn’t have helped much, but certainly would be much better. Who sells iphone 4 for U$400 without an auction first? worst than that is 4 iPhones four??

      that’s what I think, maybe he was excited that he could get one of those and forgot to check, but that is another tip for you, never go alone for things you may suspect are wrong!

      • > that he gave the money and checked the contents after that

        Fair enough, but that’s just as stupid. Check first, pay afterwards…

        And I agree with you about the ‘possibly stolen’ action… But ‘he was excited’… The actual buyer wasn’t the one with the cash in hand… Was the guy with the cash excited? Doubt it, he was just doing a friend a favor…

  • What COULD have happened isn’t the point. He didn’t even bothered to check – i.e., he’s a morron, a complete looser! IF the seller would have pulled a gun, then he would simply have had to hand over the money and run like hell. That wouldn’t make him a doshe, just safe… And if, and if, and if…. Bla, bla bla…

    He’s a moron for not even checking what he handed over the $1600 for!

  • DebTym

    even he inspects the boxes..the same thing would happen..the culprit knows what he is doing. and ready for that. Though what happened may not be what the culprit expected. Now the friend feel guilty eventhough his life was in trouble.

    • Do you KNOW that that was going to happen? Are you psychic? He could also have been mugged on the street, run over by a truck, car, bus or a cyclist. He could have had a stroke, being hit by a meteor… There’s a billion things that COULD have happened…

      We can’t live in fear or plan our life on what COULD happen, only the most obvious things: If you’re paying $1600 for something, you inspect what you’re paying for! Period!

  • I bet you $10 that the so called ‘friend’ stole the phones!

    1. He didn’t check what he was paying for
    2. He say that the seller threathened to pull a gun on him
    3. He didn’t go STRAIGHT to nearest cop asking for help

    • N1ghtW0lf


  • 4g

    It probably a toy gun

  • Jacksparrow

    This story sounds made up. Rest assured that Craig himself will apparently be looking into the matter.

  • Buba

    I bet he was white….white people are like that

    • Binary-Stalker

      Shut up.

  • pn2bade

    The craigslist killer almost struck again!

  • Junior

    This is why you meat in public places when doing shit like this. Especially if that much money is involved!

    • Junior


  • Danielcg

    Even if he did ask to see the boxes, they would have said No, or if they did let him look they still would have said I have a gun give me the money…

  • Mike

    The guy should have checked them before he handed the money over but still, we shouldn’t be sitting here blasting a guy for being trusting and ignore the fact that a guy is selling empty boxes.

  • Weebsurfer

    Selling empty boxes AND threatening lives. Errrr. He’s broken a few laws. Track the ad and have this chump caged!

  • Memo

    He shouldn’t have taken any cash in the first place. He should’ve checked the merchandise then go to an ATM and get the money out when he had the phones in hand.

  • Ben

    Pity to say, but those days when dealing with a stranger with that amount at play first of all you have to think about your safety. Beforehand you plan it with “safety first” on mind and not the merchandise etc. Just, in example, set up this kind of meeting with strangers in a police station. Simple as that. Tell the guy to meet you @ your place of work because you can’t take a break more than 30minutes, and give the guy the police station address. If everything is legit I don’t see why he can say no. Moreover, it’s the safest thing for him to do too.

  • Steven

    The imie numbers are on the box
    Apple could tell u who owns the boxes

  • Nomi

    loser i would of kicked his ass bad

  • n00b

    I usually carry a baseball bat in my car with me when i go buy something on craigslist, because there are so many crazy robbers

  • samantha

    At first, checking might seem like the obvious thing to do before handing over the cash. That being said, I was in a similar situation where I requested to see the items before paying, and was promptly assaulted! While I called the police and filed a report, the perpetrators were never caught. Sure, the friend was foolish to hand over the cash without requesting a peek at the iphones; however, even if he had, he would probably have lost the money anyways.