Yesterday we told you about RecognizeMe, a jailbreak app that lets you use facial recognition to unlock your iPhone. Instead of using a password you can have your face scanned for verification.

RecognizeMe is now available on Cydia for $6.99 via the BigBoss repo. It’s undoubtedly one of the coolest jailbreak apps out there, but is it really worth it to spend 10 waiting for your face to be scanned when you could unlock your phone is just about a second?

If you decide to give it a try, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below?

[Thanks @eKsiSLe]

  • Justin

    Not gonna happen if that price never lowers. 7 bucks is a bit pricey

    • Carter

      Agreed. I would like to try it out but not for $7.

    • Steve J

      Just wait till some cracks it…then it will be free on the right repo!!!

      • Funked

        I love this, “Steve J” posts about cracking apps :p

        I agree though, it’s way too pricey. I know it’s a cool app and I’d love to try it, but the dev is probably betting on the “cool factor” to get good sales despite the high price tag. Hopefully it gets cheaper and quicker to regocnize the face. Nice app though 🙂

  • Phosphorus

    Its cracked on xsellize.

    • Carter

      I can’t find it on xsellize

  • SC

    Don’t waste your money. It does not work most of the time. It sucks

  • Dodgerdeezy

    I can’t find it and I have a ton of sources

  • Topsy

    He has Tons of Sources. I bet he has iphonedownloadblog.repo too.

    • Dodgerdeezy

      Huh 

  • Black Mamba
    Add this source and you will get the cracked version..

    • Dodgerdeezy

      Nope. Nice try though. Hey add

      • Black Mamba

        I don’t know what you mean but it’s a real repo and you can get the cracked version. It works great..

  • Robson

    It’s a really lame app, it takes forever to load, you gotta swipe THAN press the Recognizeme.
    If your hand move even a bit it won’t unlock

    • tazmeah

      THEN press the Recognizeme.

  • Coolgujju4u

    Its not working Correctly i tried from not verifying at 25% security risk and some times it verifyed but not unlocked, only turning off the backlight

    it sucks and i removed it

  • Saleh

    i dont know why many people say it sucks
    it takes 3-6 sec to unlock and works every time with me

  • Michael

    You guys are dumbasses talking about the repos for the cracked versions. Bunch of cheap bastards.

    • Again, I feel the need to interject that the so called pirate repos are not just for people who want to steal. They are valuable tools when determining if an app is really worth the purchase price. Seeing so many negative comments about the functionality of this app should be evidence enough of that. I know $7 bucks isn’t going to break anyone’s bank, but I’d be ticked to drop even a penny on something that ultimately disappointed me. Having said that, I encourage everyone to use the cracked versions of any app to determine if you’re going to get the bang for your buck that you deserve as a consumer. If you like the app, show your gratitude by officially purchasing it and supporting the developer. If you don’t like it, delete it. And, if you are so inclined, shoot an email to the dev explaining what you did and didn’t like about it and why you chose to keep or get rid of it. Constructive feedback is the backbone of the jailbreak community.

  • Chas

    Just bought recognizeMe and it keeps crashing anyone help

    • chris

      got this from developer easy quick fix until the next release

      Hi, currently there’s a bug with some phones, permissions issue. Can
      you tell me what jailbreak tool you used? might help me out to track
      down the root of it, but to fix, if you know how to ssh into the
      phone, simple as issuing the following commands
      chown -R mobile:users /var/mobile/Documents
      chmod -R 0777 /var/mobile/Documents

      or if you have iFile go to /var/mobile, press the blue arrow on
      Documents, set owner to mobile (not root), and permissions to
      read/write/execute everywhere, that will fix it. there hsould be a
      fixed build in cydia soon if you dont know how to do either of those

  • chris

    plus if its not recognising your face sometimes it will be down to bad enrollment not the app

    dont move when letting it take photo’s of you

  • Chas

    Thanks Chris

  • Cameron Kaplan

    1. To address the first few comments — Yes, it’s expensive, and yes, it isn’t really all that “useful”. But I bought it because it’s fun, and will be cool to show off, and I want to support developers that are doing really creative things.

    2. Is anyone else having the screen go black after it scans their face? Does that mean it didn’t recognize me, or is that a bug? If it’s the former, I would have expected something more like a message saying access denied or something.

  • Daniel CG

    The guy in the screenshot looks like charlie sheen 0_o

    • SpideyRules

      You’re a bit slow…aren’t you?

  • 877

    It’s works for me most of the time. But man it is sloooooow. Still it’s a sign of things to come.

  • Gorgonphone

    it is slow and buggy. good idea though..