We all love the iPhone 4’s brilliant retina display. When Apple introduced their ground-breaking, 640×960 display during the iPhone 4’s launch event, the rest of the mobile display market was left in the dust. After all, how can you compete with a screen that matches the same pixel density perceivable by the human eye?

Besides the obvious appeal to consumers, the retina display has also garnered Apple the “Display of the Year Gold Award” from The Society for Information Display…

“This year, Apple extended its track record of revolutionizing personal communications technology with the introduction of the industry-leading iPhone 4 Retina display. Packing four times the number of pixels into the same 3.5-in. dia. screen found on earlier iPhone models, the 640×960-pixel Retina display set a new benchmark for mobile display resolution, low power consumption and image quality.

Utilizing Mobile IPS (in-plane switching) technology, the iPhone 4 Retina display achieves a viewing angle superior to conventional mobile LCDs, providing an enhanced viewing experience for the end user in virtually any application.”

It’s very true that the retina display’s viewing angle is one of the best of any mobile handset. The incredibly high resolution display also knocks the socks off its competitors with overall quality and battery consumption.

SID also praised the iPad’s “innovative multi-touch user interface and unique system design.” Apple’s tablet won the “Display Application of the Year Gold Award.”

Apple definitely hit a home run with the retina display, and they deserve recognition for such an innovate piece of technology. When you hold an iPhone 4 and non-retina iDevice side by side, the screen quality is always the most notable difference.

Do you think Apple has room for improvement with their retina display? Would you like to see a larger screen in the next iPhone? I think the retina display is already pretty perfect.

[The Loop]

  • Steve J

    If you can beat the retina display I would seriously be impressed…the display is why I left Android! Well that and the fct that the iPhone even jailbroken and unlock on a Gevey sim still never crashes. As much as some people hate apple…me being one of them in the past…you have to give them serious props for making beautiful full featured products! I am a apple slave now…but you know what…when I think about all the trouble shooting I used to have to deal with I am ok with that! Sent from a IPhone 4 jailbroken and unlocked with Gevey sim running on Tmobile in USA!

    • congrats for switching. iPhone will rule the smart phone for years to come.

      • Jon Garrett

        how could that be when Android is already beating it in ever category except for number of apps which will change by this time next year and.

    • callum
    • Jon Garrett

      hold up, you “left” Android because of the display? the Samsung Galaxy S2 blows the piss out of the iphone in every way. if thats not enough for you how about the upcoming 1280×720 display !!!!

      If you “left” Android, you probably did so because all your friends have the iphone and you wanted to follow them.

      I have 2 iphone 4’s and my wife and I can hardly wait til our contract is up so we can switch to Android.

      • IndiePhoenix

        The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released almost a year after the iPhone 4 and still had a worse display in terms of dots per inch and even if the resolution was the same, still, the quality would have been inferior to the iPhone’s retina display.

        You and your wife sound so picky, I’d like to hear what was so bad about the iPhone that you can’t wait to exchange it for an Android phone…

      • Jon Garrett


        If you’ve heard that the iphone has a better display than the Galaxy S2, Id say you’ve been spending all your time on iphone sites. reviews from neutral sites all have the Galaxy S2 beating the iphone 4 in all areas including display.

        The excuse that the iphone 4 is a year old is lame, thats what you can expect when you only have one manufacturer to choose from as opposed to several.

        as for my wife and I being tired of the iphone 4, well thats because.

        – We hate itunes as do most iphone/ipod/ipad users. I prefer Android’s drag and drop.
        – We hate new firmwares every month and waiting for a new JB
        – We hate that I have to JB in order to have features on my i4 that Android phones have
        – JBing slows your phone down, cause crashes, freezes and other odd behavior
        – We hate not being able to use the lockscreen for widgets
        – Most of all, we hate not having all the cool features that Android devices offer (because Google isn’t obsessed with controlling our devices like Apple) features like USB ports, HDMI ports, SD expansion slots.

        Android tablets now support 3rd party keyboards and mice via USB. the list of features goes on and on.

        the iphone is popular but popularity doesnt mean its better. people want it because its an iphone, but if you really want to use your device in ways that really matter, I just think Android is the way to go.

    • Samdroid

      You never had an Android in your like you stupid iFag. How stupid do you think we are. Look at the comparisons on youtube, the amoled plus eats it alive, it’s near absolute black. I would rather have a better contrast ratio than a res thats all marketing for Apple fags like you. I dont give two fucks how good it is on paper, it’s real life baby

  • BLiNK


  • Skipper T

    I just got an iPad 2 and the display is exquisite. I have a 3GS so going from that I can see a big difference.

  • Tbv

    The iPhone 4’s retina display cannot be beat. I wish they would make the screen 4 to 4.5′ in size for the iPhone 5. I use my iPhone 4 extensively, but the screen is too small compared to many new Android phones. Iphones are the most reliable phones out there, and the easiest to use.

    • Topsy

      You mean cannot be beaten. Don’t worry Alex of IDB make some typo too. Thats why we are hear to make corrections.
      Grammatically it’s Cannot be Beaten.

      • numbnuts

        Firstly who cares, even if one is dyslexic it doesn’t matter what one writes as long as what’s being written still makes sense to the reader and secondly, as it seems you’re on some kind of pedantic vendetta, make sure YOU get it right first before critisizing others – “That’s (apostrophe) why we are here (hear is totally different) to make corrections.” and “cannot be beaten” should be WITHOUT the capitals.

    • Jon Garrett

      the retina display has already been beaten by the display of the Samsung Galaxy S2. in addition, the retina and super amoled plus will both bee destroyed by the upcoming LG P930 1280×720 display.

      • Aleks V

        As of Apple won’t beat that peice of shit amoled with the iPhone 5! Haha! Gimmie a break. Know that song.. Anything u can do I can do better? Yup, that’s Apple singing!!!

      • Axl

        John… I will be surprised I you find 1 (one) application that makes use of that level of resolution. So why you want that! Wait for a breach of security on you new great android and wait for a solution! Apple updated 80% of the terminals in one week, android updates 10% in six month! I font mind apple controlling my phone as long as I feel safe using it!


    • Jon Garrett

      @Aleks V

      well if you can say that a future release of the iphone 5 will have a better screen than the currently available Super Amoled Plus then I guess its fair to say that a future Samsung Galaxy S3 will have a better screen than an hypothetical iphone 5 screen.

      grow up.

      • Aleks V

        Grow up?! Your the one comparing a 2010 model to a 2011 model. U grow up. Know that saying.. Pick on someone your own size? Same goes here. Both i5 & SGS2 are 2011

  • Michael

    Hey, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the post, but I just started wanting to use iBooks and i’m JB with GP 6.0 do I have to restore and rejailbreak? i really don’t want to restore and dl/re install everything just for a simple fix? is there a way to override the current JB? answer here or email me?

  • Inder

    numbnuts, it’s criticizing…not critisizing!!

    • Jon Garrett

      it’s criticising if your from Europe. they use an S where we us the Z. numbnut 😉

  • It’s a shame you can’t have a 50inch tv with the retina display
    Led is great but I got a feeling retina would be better 🙂

  • Inder

    I wasn’t writing about the ‘s’ or ‘z’…but about the ‘s’ or ‘c’!…It can NOT be critiSizing (I am aware that it can be either ‘criticiSing’ or ‘criticiZing’ but NEVER ‘critiSizing’ or ‘critiSising’…

  • Aleks V

    Apple rules!!!!!! IPhone 4 retina display will f’n amaze you!!!!!

    • Samdroid

      Apple sucks, my 3G dont have a video camera. The S2’s screen is way better, it’s all over youtube. hahahahaha you cant see your wallpaper hahahahah retina blows hahahahah you guys ate that retina gimmick hahahahahahah and Android is kicking Apples ass in market share hhahhahahaha I’m so glad I’m not an iFag anymore. I got a brain hahahahahahahahhaha
      Apple sat around pushing out shit with no features and now their playing catchup hahahahaha
      iOs 5 copied Android hahahahahaha so if you say Android suck, then iOS 5 must suck too hahahahha. you guys are holding on to a screen to compete because you have no features hahhahahahah The iPhone 5 is gonna suck except for the Android features it stole hahahaha
      Android rules!!! the S2 will amaze you!!!!

  • Aleks

    Android handsets copied the iPhone. It’s all over the net.

    • jon garrett

      apple copied the Samsung F700 you tard, and they stole the iphone name from netgear.

  • Aleks

    Riight. Why r android fanboys always talking smack on OUR iPhone websites. Jealous much? U don’t c us doing that. Anyway this is all pointless. B happy with whichever.

    • Jon Garrett

      I have both apple and android and they both have their strengths and weaknesses. the biggest weakness of apple is it’s obnoxious fan base.

  • Google is one of the most uninnovative companies ever. They blatantly copy the ideas of other companies, then use their advertising and search power to shove their service down people’s throats and try to erase their competitors from existence. The only market they’ve failed to do this in is the smartphone business, because by the time a half-decent version of Android OS came out the iPhone had tons of hype behind it.

    • Jon Garrett

      “ton’s of hype” yet barely 3yrs in existence and Android has crushed Apple worldwide. with tablets, Apple owned more than 90% of that market last year, today they’re down to 66% by this time next year Android tablets will be neck and neck with the ipad line of tablets.

  • Google didn’t make anything they copied better except for Google Earth.

    I’m not talking about Android, I’m talking about every single thing Google does. Also, Google did not create YouTube. They bought it after it had become a success, and recently it has gone down the drain thanks to the ridiculous copyright claims.

    I didn’t say they failed in the smartphone business. I said they failed to unfairly gain a monopoly in the smartphone business. And you have to remember that Android is on thousands of completely different phones in every price range while iOS is only on one phone

  • You think Apple created Siri?

    You think Apple created the first OS?

    You think Apple created the dock bar?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are WRONG.

    Apple is just like any other company, with some better products in certain areas. Apple is no angel when it comes to originality and not copying ideas.

  • Just because Apple has copied things doesn’t mean they’re as bad as Google. All successful companies copy certain things.

    But not all successful companies completely copy the entire product/service, and not all successful companies will use their power in another area to try to force their competitors into non-existance.

    And not all successful companies DON’T ACTUALLY INNOVATE ANYTHING.

    The dock is incredibly common among UNIX-based operating systems, BTW.

    Also, MacOS was the first commercially available OS with a GUI. I am aware that Xerox developed a GUI, but they never had plans to actually bring it to market, and Apple didn’t *blatantly* copy them.

    • Jon Garrett

      you said “but not all successful companies completely copy the entire product/service…..”

      apple did not invent the cell phone, the smart phone, an app store or mobile apps for smart phones, they all did not invent the tablet.

      that right there IS an entire product/service that apple has copied.

      but lets set all that aside for a minute and let me ask you and all the apple fanboys in here one simple question.

      Q. how do YOU benefit from apple NOT having any competition? what bearing on your life is there in the fact or fiction that other companies have copied something from apple?

      apple copied a lot from windows mobile which started out as windows CE back in the late 90’s and they most certainly stole the idea of an app store from windows CE store and handandgo’s palm store from the mid to late 90’s.

      the very name “iPhone” was stolen straight from Netgear who was selling their own iPhone from about 1995.

      Compaq was using a lower case “i” capital “p” in its iPaq line of mobile devices from about 1998/1999 the along comes apple nearly 10 years later and using the exact naming format for its iPod.

      you say Xerox invented the GUI but never had any plans to do anything with it? so that means its OK for apple to steal it? if you purchased something and for whatever reason decided not to use it, does that mean that anybody that wants it can just take it from you? AND add insult to injury by saying THEY are the original owner?

  • you’re fun to talk to about this stuff. we could go all day. lol. we both make good points. im gonna leave it at that. liked ur question btw. competition is good. which handset do u own?

    • Jon Garrett

      I have an iPhone 4, my tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

      • Aleks

        I would have never guessed u have an i4! Guess ur jus dif from the rest apple fanbase

      • jon garrett

        yes, Im different. I want the best of both companies and I dont care who invented what or who copied from who.

        I like only the style of the iPhone 4, I dont like the restrictions and lack of features of iOS. and I dont care what iPad owners say, the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is vastly superior to the iPad 2.

        Lack of “tablet specific apps” my @ss! !

  • You think Google created YouTube?

    You think Google was the first Internet search site?

    You think Google Earth was the first satellite map of the earth?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are WRONG.

    As I said, Google copied tons of ideas and then used the power they had already gained in advertising and search to try to erase their competitors existence and shove their own products and services down everyone’s throats. That’s why people think about how great things like Google Maps are, and are grateful to Google, when it’s just a blatant copy. It’s similar to what Microsoft did with Windows, except eventually MS developed a much more original interface.

  • iphone 4 is sleek, sexy looking and powerful. ios is what makes it that good and that much better than andriod, cheap plastic Android phones by dozens of manufactures.