In case you needed one more reason to jailbreak your iPhone, try this on for size: biometric facial recognition. Instead of unlocking your iPhone with a simple password (How boring is that?), you can use the iPhone 4’s front-facing camera to scan and recognize your face.

RecognizeMe is a new jailbreak app that helps make your iPhone safe from shady characters and potential homescreen peekers. By matching your face to a pre-defined database, RecognizeMe will unlock your iPhone and give you access to your device.

This new jailbreak app comes from the same developer that made the 3DBoard tweak. 3DBoard used similar technology to track the user’s head and give the illusion of a 3D environment on the iPhone’s springboard. RecognizeMe operates in a similar fashion.

Once installed, RecognizeMe needs to be “trained” to recognize your face. There are other settings to tweak, such as the “Verification Threshold.” When RecognizeMe can scan your face successfully, you can use the app to unlock your iPhone.

On your iPhone’s lock screen, you still have the option to enter a password manually to unlock. But with RecognizeMe, you can also tap a new icon and have your face scanned for verification. If access is not granted, you will be prompted to enter your password anyway, so don’t worry about getting locked out of your iPhone.

This app is an impressive technological feat for a mobile device, and it helps us get one step closer to the world of Minority Report.

RecognizeMe is expected to go live in Cydia at any moment. The app will be available for $6.99. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one.

What do you think? Does RecognizeMe sound useful to you? It seems like something to show off to your friends, and not a feature that would be useful on a daily basis.

[Redmond Pie]

  • DebTym

    wow. something i can boast about

  • Jeff

    Even though I know it’s probably made for the iPhone 4, I wonder would this still work on the 3GS where you would simply turn the camera facing you like on the FaceTime tweak ?

    • Patman

      Now how inconvenient wouldn’t that be

      • Jeff

        Actually it wouldn’t be, just turn it around and it would be good for when you leave it and you’re not by it, and someone would not able to access either way, good for prying girlfriends lol

    • SteveC

      If there are slowness complaints on the iPhone 4, I imagine performance on the 3G would be just about unbearable.

  • zen

    that’s pretty awesome – gotta love the jb community’s innovativeness.

  • soccerkrzy

    $7 is very very overpriced. That, and it appears pretty slow…

    $7 is not worth the cool factor, just another case of a developer who is either just raping his customers because he’s greedy, or he bit more than he can chew in the coding development and needs to charge that much to recoup. Either way, it’s the developer’s fault.

  • I would start of with $4.95 but think of how much work it is to create an App like this. Apple can’t even do it. 😀

    • Patman

      I’m sure apple can do it. But I think that apple is waiting to get a better and faster way to do it

  • SpideyRules

    This is very cool, as you can also allow different individuals (i.e. kids, wife, etc) and not have to give out your passcode.

    I’ll admit I am balking at the $7 price point though….

  • Now that’s a video instead of that stupid ass trapped in the iPhone video you guys tried to pass off as news earlier!

  • Mike

    Neat tech, but I just can’t imagine waiting 10 seconds to unlock my phone each and ever time I need to use it for something.

  • Tito Georgie

    Really ? I’m going to take that long to unlock my iPhone ? I’ll pass.

    • Dick Fontaine


  • Kev

    What’s the point if you can put your password in anyway if it doesn’t recognise you? Waste of time and money.

  • IphoneHacktaculous

    surely someone could just hold a picture of you up to the phone and gain access to it….??

    • Lol yea that’s a huge flaw right there.

  • Beti

    Haha Charlie Sheen

  • Coach

    Just be happy someone came out with something so innovative. People will always complain..probably because they didn’t think of it. If you don’t like it, then just shut up.

    • +1

    • Kev

      This is a forum for airing your opinion. If you don’t like other people airing opinions different to yours, don’t read this forum. Man it would be boring if everyone had the same opinion as you, don’t you think?

    • Cameron

      I have to agree with the others, a blog is for sharing your opinion.

  • ddr

    Takes way longer than just typing the passcode. The video clips were played back twice as fast as real life, that’s wayyyy too long.

  • batja

    is this tweak now available on cydia? i can´t find it…

  • Chas

    I just bought it and it keeps crashing

  • The price is $2.99 not $6.99.