Following other reports that Apple won’t introduce an LTE-enabled iPhone until at least 2012, Digitimes has chimed in to affirm that there won’t be an iPhone introduced with 4G speeds this year.

Besides the fact that Apple stated it wasn’t planning on LTE adoption in the near future, the industry has indicated that bringing 4G to the iPhone simply isn’t feasible right now. After the fifth generation iPhone is released this fall, it is expected that the sixth generation iPhone will have LTE support in 2012.


“Apple is unlikely to launch LTE-enabled iPhone 4S smartphones in 2011 as originally planned due to problems concerning yield rates of LTE chips offered by Qualcomm, according to industry sources. Meanwhile, the top-three telecom carriers in China – China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom – have all expressed to their interest to sell iPhone 4S in the China market.”

Manufacturing sources overseas seem pretty confident that LTE chips won’t be present in the next iPhone.

AT&T and Verizon have been aggressively expanding their 4G networks, and AT&T recently expanded its 4G coverage to a whole new set of areas in the U.S. Many Android handsets and other smartphones are already launching with 4G support, but Apple has never been a company to quickly adopt third party technology. Most likely, Apple is waiting for more 4G saturation and those illusive Qualcomm LTE chips.

The top-three telecoms in China have all expressed interest in selling Apple’s next smartphone. There is already a vibrant black market for iPhone sales in China.

It’s interesting to see sources like Digitimes call the device the iPhone ‘4S.’ It’s important to remember that there is absolutely no hard evidence that Apple will call its next iPhone with 4S; that name was created by the folks at 9to5Mac. iPhone 5 is still a good bet for the device’s name.

What do you think? Does “4G” really mean that much to you? Hopefully we can all wait till next year for a LTE iPhone.

[MacRumors, image via TiPB]

  • Steve works

    I really would like to see 4G in the next phone. To have 4 generations of phones all use the same tech is kind of a disappointment especially because this one is being pushed backed a few months.

    It doesn’t really bother me all that much because I’m almost always connected to wifi but it’d sure be nice especially for streaming music while your driving.

    I jw if it’s the price of the new tech or the actual design and battery life that’s keeping Apple from using it. If it’s a price thing I would gladly pay more for a 4g model

  • I would be happy with more consistent 3G speeds. My download speed is completely unpredictable. Some days I can reach as high as 3.7Mbps, and other days I’m way down around 250Kbps even with a strong 4-5 bar signal. If I could get 2-3Mbps all the time, I really wouldn’t have any reason to complain about not having 4G.

    • Junior

      I agree. Same thing happens to my speeds.

  • Like I said the other day 🙂

  • Petis

    All the “4G androids” on the market are just 3G HSPA which probably the next iphone also will be. By the way the first iphone was just 2G so it is not true that all the iphones were 3G. Please stop messing 4G with 3G HSPA. 3G HSPA is still a 3G. By the way if you want high LTE speeds forget about a decent battery life so LTE is nothing we really want in our phones today.