All this talk about the white iPhone 4 might have gotten you a little desensitized about it, no? Besides, why would you want a white iPhone 4 when you can have an even rarer deep blue iPhone 4?

As you probably have guessed by now, this is not an official color offered by Apple, but a conversion kit straight out of China. Not only this kit is original, I think it’s gorgeous as well, but it obviously depends on your tastes…

This kit contains the following:

  • Front panel with deep blue chassis (lens with digitizer, LCD display)
  • Back panel (back lens with camera lens, diffuser)
  • Home button

Since you’re going to have to change the LCD display, it’s probably suggested that not just anyone give this a try.

If you don’t like blue, check out this site. For about $150, you can get the same kit in various colors.

What do you think?

  • T-Mizzle

    No thanks. With my luck I’d fiddle with it and ruin my iPhone, then I’d be out of the $150 AND Apple won’t help me out so I’d be out of an iPhone, too!

  • Colten

    Would be nice if there was a better video actually showing you how do install the kit. Buy overall I think having a different color like this would awesome.

    • JoBerlin

      Got to iFixIt they have really good step-by-step HowTos for disassembling and repairing iPhones.

      • John

        Agreed I have changed many 3GS cases with ifixit. I have an all White 3GS and a silver one.

  • So fu****g nice!!!

  • Does anyone know the quality of this? Primarily the screen I suppose…

    • It’s pretty nice. Not OEM quality: No oleophobic coating, viewing angles aren’t as good.
      The touchscreen is just as responsive. I recommend purchasing a home-button ribbon from ebay first, as you will destroy the OEM home button when trying to replace with the blue one.

      I purchased this kit as a replacement for $50 on ebay after shattering my screen. I love it.

      The blue looks sick!

  • Aaron

    typo in your second paragraph 🙂

  • anon

    omg… this is so beautiful!

    very sexy color

  • Burge

    I hope that this will fit the up and coming iPhone 4s..or what ever it’s called..that’s sweet ….

  • minhaaj

    hahah chinese iphone and case

  • SSV3NOM316

    Does any one know what theme that is?

    With the icons set close, and that interesting animation when swiping through springboard?

    • What THAT what you picked up on!? 🙂

    • Eric

      The swipe animations is called barrel. It’s in Cydia. The grouping could be either gridlock or iconoclasm. Also Cydia

      • N1ghtW0lf

        you’re right about barrel but wrong about the gridlock or iconoclasm , its neither ,, its shrink from the same dev of barrel “the allmighty phoenix dev 😀 ” the guy makes AWESOME tweaks , take a look at music controls pro , google phoenix dev cydia

  • MALdito

    It looks awesome!!! At this point though, I’m just gonna wait for the next gen iPhone 5 (or 4S), and then hopefully they jump on that ‘bus’ and make color conversion kits for that one as well.

  • ddr

    That looks sooooo awesome!!

  • Ivor Biggun

    A blue phone, it looks absolute shit, how tacky !!

    • Ryan

      agreed. poopy color

  • Toad!

    Im worried its a scam webiste… :/ i mean its from china not to be racist but almost iphone color change from china were scams so untill proven otherwise i might stay away

  • Wirehedd

    I think it’s a bit of an overshare by the videographer to show that he has a tube of “lotion” on the desk near his computer as shown in the reflexion on the phone’s screen at the 2:37 mark of the video. Why would someone need anything like lubriderm at a computer desk? Hmmm. 🙂

    Aside from that, the kit looks great and I am now considering one myself.

  • I wonder if the blue color affects the use of flash, like the original white iPhone?

  • Jj

    This is rather old. We do this in my shop all the time. Been doing it for 6 months at least. Blue pink red yellow

  • Dick Fontaine

    It’s looks nice enough on the video, but lots of things look nice enough until you see them in hand

  • Will

    Forget the blue one and specially the white one ! I got the red one ! Hehe. I ordered my kit from And it’s legitimate . The parts feel oem . I’m happy with my red iPhone !

  • Bugizzle

    The site is legit. I order that exact same one and i ordered a pink one for my pink for my girl a few weeks ago…fits perfectly. Looks really orginal…The only thing is that it will cost u $30 for shipping…

  • CPAmember

    I have replaced the LCD screen on my 3Gs. And it turnedout to be way much harder then the video. So replacing the LCD just to change the colour of iPhone 4 is notworth it to me.

  • Bugizzle

    Replacing LCD on 3g or 3gs is way easier then the 4, but 4 is easy as well its just that theres more screws involve. Shouldn’t take no more then 15-20 mins!!!

  • John

    What is that theme????? its so nice!!

  • Actually, since the LCD is included you dont have to pry your old one from your old device, just lift away the entire front panel and drop in the replacement = easier.

  • Lynda

    pretty cool but why not just buy skinz instead – then you can change colors as your mood desires – my preference is Chromatics from Phantomskinz. I do like the transparent kits though!

  • Jips

    I’d love a blue iPhone since it’s my favorite color and unique… If it didn’t mean I’d have a big chance of messing up my warranty.

    • N1ghtW0lf

      not just a chance ,, but more like you are GUARANTEED TO mess up your warranty 🙂 , do you think apple won’t know you lifted off the original digitizer and/or LCD , even if u replace the original b4 going to the store !! naahh dun think so 🙂

      • Jj

        Actually. They have no idea. I’ve changed mine from stock black to white then red the back to the original oem black. And they have no idea. I took it back and exchanged it cause the eat speaker started acting up. They gave me a brand new one with out so much as a second look.

  • MeMo

    Once they make those for the Verizon iPhone I will be ALL over it!

  • svnelvn

    are these oliophobic like the original plates? i don’t want any grippy screens

  • Nice what he did, but the white iPhone looks better and the Black iPhone looks better than both.

  • @T-M