If you’ve been holding off updating to iOS 4.3.x because of the lack of support for some of your favorite jailbreak tweaks and apps, I can understand your position. While I love iOS updates that include tons of bug fixes and new features, I usually don’t upgrade right away due to compatibly issues with jailbreak apps and tweaks I couldn’t live without on my iPhone.

With that said, if one of those jailbreak tweaks include Action Menu by Ryan Petrich, you’ll be glad to know it’s finally been updated for iOS 4.3+ support…

For those of you new to the jailbreak scene, Action Menu extends the Copy and Paste functionality on the iPhone by integrating additional actions such as Copy All, Dial, Favorites, and Scroll. If you purchase the Action Menu Plus pack, you can get even more actions, including “History”, “Lookup”, “Tweet”, “Locate”, “Find”, and “Send to Pastie”.

The new version (1.2.0) of Action Menu also includes:

What’s New in Version 1.2
● Support iOS 4.3
● Fix Favorites/History/Locate in alert views
● Fix Calculator crash
● Fix 1Password Pro
● Fix iBooks Crash
● Support for more table cells
● Fix infinite loop in apps that have custom table cell support
● New Playing action in plus pack
● New mandatory Upgrade button for users that only have the free version

The basic version of Action Menu is available in Cydia for free, while the Action Menu Plus Pack (a separate package), is available for $2.99 in the BigBoss repo. If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend you check out at least the basic version.

Are there any other apps or tweaks that you’re still waiting to get updated with  iOS 4.3 support?

  • Ives

    Is there any video to show what action menu does?

    • Steve works

      Is there any way to get the button that says ‘more’ off the bar. I uninstalled it because that button is right in your face and useless. If I’m paying for a tweak I dont need an ad on the action menu especially when it leads to nothing

  • Burge

    So glad it’s got updated , the only thing I want now updated is wi-fi sync to 2.0 …that’s taking for ever..what’s going on with that ? I’ve not been able to find any info at all on it ..and Greg Hughes the Dev behind it doesn’t even reply to my emails..

  • Yesh … PictureMe tweak! 🙂

  • Qlobster

    Downloaded it, installed it, using it, loving it! 🙂

  • ogbza

    been waiting for this. finally upgraded yesterday!

  • Alex

    Celeste update ;_; ?

  • Irha

    What is “New mandatory Upgrade button for users that only have the free version” feature?

  • anon

    Quote: What is “New mandatory Upgrade button for users that only have the free version” feature?

    You’ve got to be kidding me.


    • Irha

      No, not kidding. What is mandatory about it?

  • Inigo Montoya

    Whats the name of the tweak that’s takes u back to the previous program? …. Oh and prepare to die!!

  • Why I still cannot install it? The Action Menu page say that “Your iOS version is compatible” but when I press the install button it said cannot comply. HELP ME !

  • Roberto

    Is celeste supported now with this update?!

  • Marie

    How do I download action menu?

  • Dav1d

    On my iPad running 4.3.3 this breaks iTunes!! When I attempt to download a podcast, as soon as the download selection page opens, it closes and shuts down iTunes!