Stefanie Gordon had no clue that she would soon be internet famous when she boarded a flight from New York to visit her parents in Palm Beach. During descent, the pilot of the commercial airline informed the passengers that they could be witnesses to the space shuttle Endeavour’s last launch.

It turns out that the best camera is the one that’s always with you. And in this case, that camera was an iPhone. Who knew the iPhone could shoot a steady video at 15,000 feet from a passing airliner…

Stefanie played witness to a historic moment with a unique vantage point. She got to share that moment with the world, thanks to her trusty iPhone.

Mashable reports,

“As the plane descended toward Palm Beach and the Endeavour’s launch became visible, Gordon pulled out her iPhone and snapped a few photos and a short video. On the ground, she posted one of the photos to her then 1,800 Twitter followers.

In a few hours, she was fielding phone calls from ABC, the BBC and CNBC. She had accumulated about 1,000 new Twitter followers, and she had to turn the @mention push notifications off on her phone so they wouldn’t drain the battery.”

It’s awesome to see devices like the iPhone capture such monumental moments and help spread information around the world.

What do you think? Do you think that the iPhone is a more valuable camera because it’s always with you?

  • Dre

    -_- okkkkkkk

  • Cameron


    • Cameron

      Oh never mind -_-

  • Axel

    ^ flash sms 😉

  • Eldaria

    Why oh why do people insist on recording video in portrait?
    Nowhere does it fit for playback, not your TV, not your Computer, not Youtube or anywhere else but perhaps your phone, and even there it just looks wrong.

    • Ivor Biggun

      lol my poit exactly, i guess some people are just too dumb to figure that

      • Daviid

        I agree. Recording in portrait is pretty lame! My girlfriends does that 🙁 it’s all about landscape, cuz TV’s are set like that(widescreen) damit!!

  • Burge

    Now that’s the best seat , out side of the shuttle that is..

  • tsiv

    That’s it? 12 seconds?!
    Man it took me about two minutes to read the article, all the time looking forward to something spectacular!

    Hyperhype at its best, really…

    • I agree pictures suck- guess she never heard of ZOOM

      • Binary-Stalker

        Maybe you were unaware zoom lowers the quality horribly.

  • Craptastic. Clearly didn’t own an iPhone 4.

  • Fresh1

    Heres a Great vid of the last flight of Space Shuttle Discovery back in Feb 2011 ( also filmed from a iPhone on a airplane) ..

    Space Shuttle Launch Recorded by iPhone

    • tsiv

      Oh yeah! this is more like it, this is what I was thinking I’d see. Head on over to this one!

    • Cam

      Yerp!! Much better!!!

  • Fresh1

    Also forgot to mention .. I dont think this guys vid had as much attention as this new one is getting .. I dont think the BBC , ABC or CNBC picked up on it like they did this one.

  • Pittlife

    Thats pretty cool