When Apple launched the first iPad a little over a year ago, it introduced a fairly new SIM format called Micro SIM. A few months later, those Micro SIMs were also implemented in the iPhone 4. Smaller in size compared to the standard Mini SIMs, Micro SIMs do the exact same job while using less space.

Always on the fore front of tech pioneering, Apple is now submitting a new requirement to the European Telecoms Standards Body (ETSB) for the use of even smaller SIM cards in cell phones and mobile devices…

The goal behind this is obviously to enable phone manufacturers, including Apple, to make devices that are even smaller and thinner.

This move goes against reports late last year that Apple was looking into dumping SIM cards and skipping the carriers by providing devices with a SIM integrated into the device. Because Apple raised anger in many carriers HQs, they probably gave up the idea of an integrated SIM for something that would make everyone happy.

As usual, time will tell but it does make sense for manufacturers to petition for smaller SIMs, doesn’t it?


  • Irha

    Don’t you see? They want to do this to make it harder for users to unlock and use it on unsupported networks. Evil Apple!

    • @Irha. Yes I agree with that.

  • Gary

    make everyone happy* typo >_<

  • Daniel CG

    A new SIM card design could bring a new SIM card reader which could be thinner/smaller/lighter. The SIM card it self is already pretty thin, so I don’t think it’s hindering Apple’s ‘quest’ to make smaller devices. Also, the SIM card could have more memory and therefore be used on two carriers or have more room for contacts… hmm?

  • WTFX

    They simply want to make it harder or impossible to develop GEVEY-like solutions. Or so it would seem. However it shouldn’t be as much of a problem to Apple as it would be to lock-happy carriers. They could have pressured Apple though.

  • QuarterSwede

    I already can’t imagine being able to hold anything smaller than a microSIM as it is. That thing is wicked small.

  • How am I supposed to use an iPhone outside the US! AT&T/Verizon are having trouble getting the USA covered, let alone the rest of the world! I’ve never seen a MicroSIM outside the US, let alone anything smaller…. Apple may be trying to screw jailbreakers, but if they keep this up I won’t be able to use a phone for what it’s supposed to do; call people. @.@

    • WTFX

      I guess you don’t travel much, they are available even in third world countries. And the solution is, buy a picoSIM cutter, lol or just scissors.. Doubt they’d change the whole standard chip since there’s still plenty of plastic to butcher in the microSIM and the chip inside is actually even smaller than the connector surface
      But I hope this doesn’t see the light at least for a while. It’s pointless for the next few generations of phones at least and it’s clear they have another motive behind this move. Unless they’re just planning (WAY) ahead..

  • Will

    Thinking a few years back to my old ‘StarTac’ phone, the sim card was actually the same size as a credit card… That’s progress.

  • MrA

    What would the new sim be called? What’s smaller than micro?

  • Badger dodger


  • Badger dodger


  • Mini sim

  • Proposed Sim Card 😀

  • Fodder

    Its all part of the masterplan to bring more contactless (NFC) payments through the i platforms. the SIM is a logical place to hold the secure element needed for contacless, so if the control the design of the SIM the can control more payments, via iTunes accounts and clip the ticket on the way through. Very nice!

  • Tom

    Should this matter? Muscle nerd lost a long time ago. Apple beat him and will bring the iPhone to all carriers, making him more useless IMO

  • Daniel CG

    “Apple wants to make smaller, thinner devices”…..
    ……… no shit