This is not the first time that happens while in landscape mode. The screen rotates fine, the keyboard looks fine, but for some reason when I press a key, it appears sideways. I have no idea what it’s from so I was wondering if you guys had seen that before.

I do use the jailbreak app called ShowCase but I remember having this issue before installing the tweak. It’s not a big deal, but I’d just like to figure out what’s wrong…

Let us know if you’ve seen this before and if you know what’s causing this.

  • @p4ul_k

    I had a similar thing on my iPhone 4 whilst on 4.2.1. When I was using an app in Landscape mode, like a game, I would use Quick Reply to respond to a text, and when I turned the phone into portrait I got everything looking fine except the keys were still in landscape mode when pressed.
    I didn’t have ShowCase installed and I have recently upgraded to 4.3.3. and haven’t had the problem since.
    It didn’t happen all the time so I ignored it.
    I wonder if we’ll hear a definitive cause?

  • Skinnypete

    yeah sometimes I see it sometimes when I rotate using SBRotator and go to the ‘search iPod’ screen

    • I noticed and experienced it to but I’m not using SBRotator.

    • Cameron

      Exactly the same happened to me

    • Jon Garrett

      I never had this problem but I often have a problem when the key I type is NOT the key that gets used. for example. I type U but I’ll get either a Y or I.

  • Ahmad

    My iPhone 4 does the same. IOS 4.3.3 & Jailbroken with Redsn0w. It´s not a big deal but it’s kind of annoying.

  • Sasan

    now they will release 4.3.4 😀
    keyboard bug fix 😀 😀
    and again jailbreak stories begin 😀

  • Isis

    Yep has happened to me. Also theres another one where the letter you press is lile4 letters off.

    • Weebsurfer

      I was going to make a similar comment. Keyboard touch is shifted. This has happened to me back in the 3.x days too. Springboard reset cleared it up I think. That seems to fix more than a regular reboot.

  • Ranjit

    I get it when I use SBRotator as well …

  • Mohammed

    I think this appears if U clicked on the item for a long time more than a second .. but if U clicked as a touch it will not appear

  • Yep, happens to me, and I don’t use SB Rotator.

  • John

    It happened to me on 3.1.3 and onwards a few times. I have never used sb rotator. I thought it was quick reply tweak coz I haven’t had it since I’ve uninstalled it.

  • It happens when they superimpose it.

  • Burge

    Can u give us a list of ur installed jb apps

    • actionmenu
      fake operator
      fast copy
      five icon switcher
      remove background

    • Burge

      Get your own name….

  • 877

    Mine doesn’t do it on 4.2.1

  • Eduardo

    Smells like another jailbreak issue. I remember odd things like that when my iPhone 3G was jailbroken two years ago. Now I have the ip4 and I don’t want to see its performance diminished because of the jailbreak tweaks and apps,

    • soccerkrzy

      Enjoy using a piece of crap stock phone then. BiteSMS, SBSettings, Activator, Winterboard, & MyWi are the only reason a jailbroken iPhone is better than any Android phone.

  • Young Money

    Never happened to me but I leave rotation lock on almost 24/7

  • Romie

    It due to the black keyboard tweak I’ve learn to live with it nothing works perfectly. Uninstall that and you should be fine.

  • NaeD

    I agree its down to the keyboard tweak as I only started getting this when I installed colorkeyboard

  • Palmouf

    JUst to say, a ‘d’ at the end of the itunes password… Made me think: not very secure to use ‘password’ as itunes pwd…. Then i counted the dots… Almost. But do you really think passwrd is secure 😉

  • kokhean

    I got this sometimes.
    I also got this when using SBRotator (not using it anymore).

  • Stark

    this happens to me after playing games in landscape mode. i dont have sbrotator.

  • rafsko

    What font is that?

    • The font used is Droid Sans, used with BytaFont

      • Micke

        Haha, never heard of this app before, thank you! Using the “Tin Birdhouse”, my phone looks much better. Great tip.

  • Aleks

    Weird! Never had that

  • XepptizZ

    Had it often with sbrotator, removed itnow. Itunes and youtube in landscape mode sounds great, but the execution was lacking.

  • Dan

    I get it with locktopus when i launch an app in portrait mode then rotate

  • A.A

    Well I’ve never experienced such a bug before, even though I’m using the ShowCase tweak and I’m on iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1… but I think that SBRotator played a major role in that bug with you… gd luck anw and let us know when you figure out the solution 🙂