While the stock Camera.app in iOS lacks many basic functions, applications in the App Store and Cydia usually do a good job of filling in for the missing features.

There are apps that allow you to take panoramic photographs and there are even apps that will automatically stamp your pics with the time and date. Well, word on the street is that another tweak is on its way to Cydia, and it’s bringing some interesting photo-taking features to the stock Camera app…

ModMyi is reporting that PictureMe┬áhas been submitted to Cydia and should be available sometime soon. The iOS extension brings 2 much-needed features to the stock camera application, which previously weren’t available without accessing 3rd party software.

Rapid shot and timers are typical features for even the most bargain-priced digital cameras. Rapid shot allows you set your camera to quickly take several consecutive photos. This allows you to capture a close finish to a race or a dive into a swimming pool.

A timer on the other hand, allows you to set your camera to snap a photo within a given number of seconds. This feature is typically used when a camera is on a tripod, and the photographer would like to be in the photo.


As soon as PictureMe is released in Cydia, we’ll let you know. If you didn’t catch it in the video, the tweak will cost $1.99 and install into your native camera app.

Are you excited about PictureMe? Or do you use CameraPlus or some other 3rd party app with these features?

  • Romie

    This is really cool

  • Matt

    What is the lockscreen on the phone in the video?

  • Tony the Tiger

    I prefer to use 3rd party apps, such as Camera+. This is mostly because they already offer what these jailbroken apps offer, but at a lower cost and because the 3rd party apps are already available.

  • Shaz

    i like this a lot. finally a nice tweek for the stock camera app. will be very useful.

    now all i want it a tweek to make the phone menu transparent when your making a call so you can see your contact picture behind it..

  • Burge

    Camera+. Does the job just fine…but I would rather have the stock camera do this..I just hope it works with snaptap..

  • numbnuts

    sounds a bit of an overexageration to suggest the tweak will allow the iPhone to capture events like diving into water, I doubt both the shutter and write speed would allow a high enough frame rate.

  • Michael

    Any tweak that integrates into a native app is AWESOME!

  • Eldaria

    Gorillacam does all this for free.

  • XepptizZ

    No rapid shot and timedelay together? Thats ehat i was lnterested in.

  • Eric

    Yeah what’s your lock screen called?

  • Burge

    This is a vid of the Dev showing his tweak..it’s not a member of the iDB team..you will need to find this vid on YouTube and ask the Dev for the lockscreen in the vid ..

  • It’s called SlideAway by Felippo B. I believe. Its an unreleased tweak tho. : (