Another day, another reason to jailbreak your iPhone and customize it to the fullest. The latest jailbreak tweak is called Rich Text for Mail by well-known iOS developer Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich).

Rich Text for Mail enables you to compose and reply to emails using custom fonts, colors and styles. That includes adding format, bold, italic, strikethrough, underline and image items to Action Menu. The app works in conjunction with Action Menu, so there are no additional buttons or apps added. Best of all, it adds all these customization tools to the stock iPhone Mail app…

You can change settings for Rich Text for Mail from the Settings app on your iDevice. Rich Text for Mail is available for $4.99 from the Cydia Store.

Check out a demo of the tweak in action below!

Have you tried out Rich Text for Mail yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Ryan Petrich truly is one of the best jb deelopers out there. Big props for this new app!

    • JimmyK

      When’s he gonna update action menu to work on 4.3+????

      • JimmyK

        My apologies Mr. Petrich, I just checked and you have!

  • If this worked for text messages too, I might would give it a shoot.

  • kreso2105

    If I send e-mail with formated text with this tweak does receiver must have this tweak also to read text correctly?

    • MrA

      Good Question.

  • Ins0mnihack

    I bought this tweak and love it. However it’s missing one feature which would make it perfect. The ability to add links to text. Simply by highlighting the sentence you want to make a link, then clicking a link button and entering the URL.

    This would make a great future update.

    • Ins0mnihack

      Looks like Ryan was listening. The app has been updated to allow links and hi-lighting of text 🙂

  • Silent Killer 979

    Amazing app…. not just bcoz of the great features it offers, but also because of the great developer… unlike most of them out there, he happens to listen to customers….

    • Simon Reidy

      Absolutely. I tweeted a request and two days later Ryan added it to the app! One of the best tweaks out there for iOS 4.

      It’s depressing to think that while Apple have added rich text functionality in OS5 (and a few other nice features like “define”) you still can’t create embedded links in emails! The only way is to make the link as HTML in another app, then cut and paste the link into the email. It’s ridiculous (compared to how awesome and easy Gmail is on Android) and Apple really need to bring it up to date.

      I was forced into upgrading my iPad2 to iOS5 because of a dodgy tweak that required me to fully restore, and the things I miss the most are all Ryan’s tweaks!

  • anyone has any idea how to change the default font?

  • Anonymous

    After Rich Text for Mail 1.2 and Action Menu got installed, the labels in the menu editor got too small (e.g in, labels “Copy, Cut, Paste, Define, Format, etc.”) and it’s very hard to read. If I disable Rich Text for Mail I get the old menu back in the proper font size.
    Did anyone else experience this?