This is an exclusive news – exclusively funny of course – that we are sharing with you today. After months or rumors and speculations, we finally got our hands on the next iPhone. Against all odds, Apple’s next smartphone will not be called the iPhone 4S as we suggested yesterday, but simply the iPhone 5.

If you guys are wondering, no, we didn’t find this iPhone in a bar, neither did we buy it from someone…

My favorite feature? I’m not sure if it’s the video camera or the sweet decals.

What’s your favorite feature?

  • vik071

    Slow day today at iDB, n’est-ce pas?

    • Pour toi aussi j’imagine, si tu prends le temps de commenter sur un article qui apparemment ne t’interesse pas…

      • William

        Wow seb speaks french now
        Depuis quand?

      • Depuis toujours. Je suis ne en France. Je suis aux US que depuis 2003.

      • Mac

        depui google translator was on

  • Burge

    Thats just plain dum

    • Burge

      That doesn’t fool me …

      • Burge

        Or Seb …he’s got my email address …we know the truth..

      • Burge

        But i’am flattered that you want to be me…

      • TheREALBurge

        I’m flattered that both of you idiots want to be me.

      • Burge

        Nice try….

      • Burge

        Er wtf is up wt u , my name is Burge Dickinson , y would I wanna b a wanker like you

      • Burge

        First of all ..I’ve not called you any names …second ..the name i use on here is Burge why cause that’s my nick name …third I’ve been posting on here longer than you and I don’t want people thing that you are me……
        Now for the name calling @&£()&@”:57

  • 8943

    I don’t mind such stupid posts, but include a liner like JOKE/PARODY within your tweets next time for such articles ?

    • G Funk Money

      I know. I got so excited to see the new iPhone. It’s not even April Fools.

    • moimoimoimoi

      awwww did he huuwwwt your feeewings?

  • I want one now!!!!

  • Joeyjojo

    I want one of those!!!!!! Lol.

  • LiEn89


  • was funny

  • SpideyRules

    Started off slow, but got pretty funny as he started adding all of the “apps” lol

  • growingtired

    Space between news does not need to be filled with non-news.

  • Sxud

    I dont know about “iphone 5” but Josh needs to get a life and go hump a mailbox…

  • Tito Georgie

    The comments are funnier then the video. Actually anything could be funnier then that video since is not funny at all -.-

  • bon

    this is lame

  • President Camacho

    There’s 6 minutes of my life I’ll never see again.

  • Jason Masters

    lol J’aime la façon dont lui fait chier oh les Français sont connus pour leur passion ardente lol

  • Fk

    Fuck you iphone download blog. I am unsubscribing and deleting the book mark. Well done on the shit that you post as news