A heart warming story is traveling around the tech blogs today surrounding the often criticized Cupertino company’s recent actions in Japan. No, this isn’t more bad news concerning Apple part suppliers mistreating employees.

A TUAW reader sent the the blog a tip that Apple is offering free repair services for Mac users who were affected by the tsunami and earthquake earlier this year. According to the company’s Japanese website, they are offering free repair on any Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that was damaged in the disaster…

The offer applies to customers who live in municipalities which fall under the Disaster Relief Act of 2011. It covers devices that were directly damaged by tragic events that took place in March and will be available through Jun 30.

TUAW notes that this isn’t the first time Apple has offered to help the affected Japanese citizens. Apparently, local Apple retail managers have been opening their stores up as makeshift communication centers, allowing people to use the internet on store machines to email, FaceTime and Skype with loved ones.

I agree with TUAW that Apple, the developers who have offered donations from app proceeds, and everyone else who has helped, deserve recognition for their support and humanity. It’s amazing how technology has connected the world, so to speak.

Do you give Apple a thumbs up for this?

  • Burge

  • Yo

    Why does ketchi, conditional Apple refuse to waive its 30% App Store cut for Quakebook sales to benefit the Japanese Red Cross? Amazon and Sony have managed to be flexible enough to do so.

  • Binary-Stalker

  • Jason

    God bless you guys

  • I don’t think I could think of any other tech companies that could or would offer something like this. Good on you Apple. The Japanese are well known for their love of technology and a gesture like this will be remembered by anyone benefitting from it for a long time to come. In return, the PR and free advertising will make it well worth it for Apple as well..

  • Lando

    It’s been 2 months, personally I would have thrown away any screwed technology that I couldn’t afford to fix by now, I would have been more impressed by apple if they had done this quite a bit sooner but good on them for doing it eventually.

  • moimoimoimoi

    IMO marketing .. plain and simple

    corporations don’t give a rats ass about the common person, only when they can buy their stuff

  • vik071