I don’t know about your guys, but I’m kinda ticked we can’t create photo albums on the fly on our iPhone or iPad. Thankfully, the jailbreak community is once again taking over where Apple slacked. We’ve already covered PhotoAlbums+, a jailbreak app that allows you to create albums and move pictures from/to these albums, directly from your iPhone, without the need of iTunes.

PhotoAlbums+ just got an update, and while it doesn’t bring anything really new to the table, I felt like talking about this app again because it deserves publicity…

Here is the changelog for PhotoAlbums+:

– Added: Library Sync auto-backup-restore manager – automatically backs up album structure before photo library rebuild and restores it afterwards (prevents album structure loss due to errors during iTunes sync etc.)
– Added: USB – Much improved USB album handling – all (non-password-protected) albums are shown with their real names
– Bugfix: Privacy – password-protected albums showed in some apps like iMovie,Photogene,…
– Fix: Privacy – not showing password-protected albums through USB anymore
– Fix: Privacy – when leaving Photos app with password-protected album on screen view controller is popped to hide album

– Bugfix: auto-backup-restore manager was not loaded under certain circumstances
– Bugfix: Photos app could freeze or take very long to load in places tab

(Known issue: when leaving photos app with private photo showing fullscreen view controller is not hidden – will be fixed with next beta)

– Bugfix: Opening Camera/Photos app during or shortly after iTunes backup/sync can cause some photos to not show up correctly – fixed as far as possible. If it still happens just respring or kill app via Multitasking bar
– Bugfix: In some apps like Photogene custom albums could show up twice
– Bugfix: Fixed privacy issue where when viewing a private photo fullscreen and leaving app it would not hide the album
– Bugfix: Move to album table view was slightly cut off at bottom

At $4.99, PhotoAlbums+ doesn’t come cheap but you’ll probably agree that it’s worth every penny. You can download the app from Cydia, via the BigBoss repo.

  • soccerkrzy

    The password protected folders are only password protected on the iPhone, if you plug your iPhone into a computer, voila, the “protected” folder is right there.

    • Kuipo

      Is this happening after update?? It saids in this article that this issue was fixed on the new update!?

  • Tito Georgie

    Where’s the cracked version lol.. Xsezille doesn’t have it :/

    • NPK

      There’s no way someone will help you for that.

  • Dooley

    Try sinful iPhone repo

  • fojam

    its uncrackable. these guys made pwntunes… ii dont care though im gonna buy it

  • Dre

    It’s work it….I purchased it a while ago

  • please tell me there’s a crack for this 🙁

  • moob

    I love when idiots complain about paying for a $5 app when they could potentially be owners of and using a $500 device to post the comment 😐

    • dude, so what? let me ask you this, if there’s someone who managed to crack this thing earlier, would you waste your money on buying it? no right? same goes to us, we don’t feel like buying any apps, if all the apps/tweaks we need to buy, then whats the purpose of having cydia then?

      • Pirates Suck

        Some of us have been raised right, and pay for our goods and services. Some of us have never stolen anything (including pirated goods). Some of us live and conduct our lives with honor and respect. Some of us. Our numbers are rapidly dwindling, but some of us remain.

        The purpose of Cydia is to provide a marketplace for developers and consumers for applications not approved by Apple. It is not a free for all for scum sucking criminals like yourself to steal people’s hard work.

        Losers like you are the reason why most people associate jailbreaking with illegal activity, and jailbreakers as criminals and scum-ass pirates.

        Your mother obviously failed.

      • moob

        @Zul – the purpose of Cydia is not for freeloaders and leachers. you have two choices, buy apps that support the jailbrake community or buy apps that support the iTunes corporate machine. Bearing in mind that there would likely be no jailbrake community without support from it’s users I know who I’d prefer my money to go to.

    • Tito Georgie

      Correction I own a $700 device and nope, I don’t like paying for $5 apps. 🙂

      • Pirates Suck

        You dudes need to do us a favor, please don’t breed. You people are horrible human beings (yeah I’ll make that judgement. You’re on a blog beggin’ for help stealing a $5 app) and shudder to think what sort of value system you would instill. 

      • moob

        @Tito: touché monsieur 🙂

  • Robson

    Who cares, he’s no stealing from you guys, let the creater of the app worry about it, let’s just stick to the topic

  • What about the photos that are both on my Mac and iPhone, i have those pictures organized on albums in my Mac, but not in my iPhone. When i organize the same pictures in my iPhone in albums and sync it with my Mac, how would my albums look like on both? And, Is this app compatible with the iPhoto?
    Thank you guys!

  • Adam

    If I purchase this for the iPad will I have to nuy it again for the iPhone?

  • its crap in my ipad all private photos get blurry

  • Anyone know if/when this will get an IOS7 compatibility update? I shelled out the $5 for this a few months back but sadly looks like it’s not IOS7 compliant yet 🙁