Need an Escort? There’s an App for That

By , May 13, 2011 “Where romance meets finance” has just announced that they have an iOS application set for a June launch date. Typically, a dating site launching its own application wouldn’t necessarily make headlines, but this isn’t your typical dating site.

If you haven’t guessed by now, SugarSugar is more of an escort service rather than folks actually trying to find true love. The description states that the website is for “generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support…”

That being said, it’s very interesting to hear that Apple might have actually approved this application. SugarSugar describes it as a new location-based app that:

“is designed to provide Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies with a quick, effective and discreet way to locate one another as they go about their every-day lives.”

The company states that the application will be available for download June 1st through as well as iTunes. It will also be available on Android and BlackBerry devices. It will use GPS technology to identify those seeking “mutually beneficial” arrangements within the user’s home area.

I generally live by the “to each their own” code, which basically means do whatever makes you happy. However, something about Apple’s less-than-consistent app approval process makes me laugh. Why allow this application and turn away so many others?

What do you think, should Apple allow the SugarSugar app?


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  • Aneesh


  • Thor

    In app purchase? 30% cut for Apple. Wow, jobs is now set to the most influential pimp in the world.

  • F3n1x187

    LoL new iPimp app announcement at the WWDC xD

  • monkey

    Need an Escort, Steve Blows Job will be there 😉

    • Alvin Bridges

      Call me at 7082580721

  • Axl

    Having this app in your mobile is like having a sign in your forehead claiming that u cheat on your wife with prostitutes!!! Dangerous stuff IMO Cos even if you are just checking out how u gonna justify? All said only if you are happily married, otherwise there are no problems.


  • rangle

    here is a new app for escorts in the UK for android, get laid anywhere! anytime! in the UK

  • Alvin Bridges

    I need some lovely oriental to come to my home

  • Gabby

    Anyone know if this sugar app is still around? I couldn’t find it in the app store

    • Luis

      Couldn’t find it either. Google “Kingdom99” the app’s been around for over a year…. I’m not aware of any other mobile apps for this sort of thing