So long MobileMe, it wasn’t nice knowing ya.

You were overpriced, you didn’t do much, and there were many other cloud services that simply did it better. Good riddance.

If you’re feeling like I’m feeling, then the revelation that Amazon has halted orders of MobileMe sales is music to your ears.

Speaking of music, the worst kept secret in the industry will likely be replacing MobileMe as an all in one service that does music, document sharing, and more. Yep, I’m talking about iCloud

We all knew this would eventually happen, but the moment Apple themeselves stopped sales of MobileMe, it was a telltale sign that the service was going the way of the dodo.

Apple’s recent purchase of, and now Amazon’s halt of MobileMe sales appear to be the proverbial nails in the coffin for the half-baked service.

To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how MobileMe survived this long. I don’t know anyone who bought it, do you?

iCloud, on the other hand, looks to be a real contender. Apple’s been busy building massive data centers, and aligning themselves with music labels to make sure they get it right.

Are you sad to see MobileMe coming to an end?

[Cult of Mac via SlashGear]

  • They didn’t stop the sale of MobileMe, they announced awhile back that they were going to stop selling the boxed versions of it to help be more eco friendly.

    It’s still for sale from Apple and you can purchase a subscription from Your blog seems more like an anti-mobileme rant because YOU happen to not like the service.

  • Huh.

    I actually bought it, use it, and like what it does for me. Granted, it’s WAYYYYYY over-freakin’ priced. BUT…for the simplicity of what I wanted, it works. I don’t have to spend hardly any time at all with any sort of time-consuming maintenance. ALL of my “stuff” is ALWAYS sync’d. Not had any issues, nor wasted any time. And time is money, eh? lol
    But I am very excited to see what’s coming down the line for it, or any replacement for it.
    Something with more to offer for data storage, retrieval, syncing, AND much less cost…sounds good to me.

  • MP

    I paid for MobileMe some time ago to be able to use the find my iPhone feature. I believe this option is now free so I may not renew my MobileMe subscription.

  • Jason Masters

    Mobile me is not gone how do I know this cuz in seven days they plan to charge me 99$ because I went on sebs advice from his blog that it would be free or reduced price I even tweeted him the email the fact they still are charging 99$ I don’t understand the logic of this blog when do facts ever come into play ?

  • Manuel

    Isn’t every thing from Apple Over priced? Mobile Me is no different.

    • Code

      It kinda is, but with MobileMe you couldn’t do very mutch, with the iPhone, you can do evrything. And it also has a great design, and of course, you are proud of your iPhone in your circle of friends because it’s so expensive

  • Bobby

    Until google recently fixed their calendar syncing, it was still the best all-in-one service for syncing contacts, calendars, and email. iDisk should have worked better and it should have been cheaper, but a reliable ad-free service is definitely something people are willing to pay for. I would love to see apple make it free – then it beats other services hands down.

  • old dirty hacker

    MobileMe is good in theory but bad in execution. I purchased it but barely used it. I hope the service goes free or the price drops substantially. I don’t want to pay again but I also don’t want to lose the few things I have stored in the cloud. As an aside,I still get the WTF looks when I say my email is unless they are familiar with Apple services.

  • Shawn

    *Raises hand*
    I bought it and like it. Of cource I bought it with a new Mac so I got the discounted price for. It works well although it keeps say people’s birthdays happen 729 times in one hour. And whenever I delete it in one place it puts it right back.

  • Chris

    Not all services are what all users want. For me personally, I love MOST of MobileMe. I keep 3 Macs and 2 iphones synced with contacts, bookmarks and idisk files all the time. No fuss, they are always synced and it works great. I don’t know of another service that does this on a Mac without have to play around with things. MobileMe just plain works and does what it does. I don’t have to do any special configuring or even hit sync on anything other than 1 MacBook. (I use it over slow connections quite frequently, so auto syncing can bring it to a crawl)

  • junk

    There are a lot of people, professional video- and photographers, and common users who made use of mobile me gallery and there is nothing that replaces it. So now you know there are people who used it and valued it.