We’ve heard iPhone 5, 4G, 4GS, and 4S as possible names for Apple’s next gen iPhone. Recently, select develepors started receiving iPhone ‘4S’ prototypes for testing purposes. There’s even been some leaked images of what is an alleged iPhone 4S with a slightly larger screen than the iPhone 4.

Following other hints that the next iPhone will be called the “4S,” an industry analyst from Jefferies has reported that Apple will indeed call the device the iPhone 4S.


“Apple’s next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 5, according to “industry checks” by Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.

Misek put out a note on the next iPhone today, and said, it will “include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support.”

So there you have it, folks; an iPhone 4S with better cameras (we suspect 8MP Sony sensors), the dual-core A5 chip, and support for 4G data speeds. All of these specs have been heard before, but it seems like it’s almost a given for the changes listed in this new report.

We’ve talked about the possibility of 4G/LTE coming to the next iPhone, and it was believed that the chips Apple needed to implement HSPA+ support simply weren’t available in time for a release this September. According to this analyst, we’ll actually see HSPA+ support from Apple’s next gen iPhone.

This report also confirms the news that the next iPhone will be a ‘global device‘ capable of running on all carriers. It’s still possible that Apple could release two iPhone models this September, but we have yet to hear anymore confirmation.

Do you like the sound of the “iPhone 4S?”

  • Daniel CG

    I like it, I think “iPhone 4GS”, “iPhone 5”, and “iPhone 4S” could all be the name, I don’t think Apple would name it “iPhone 4G” as a lot of people already call the iPhone 4 that, and it might confuse customers.

    • Jon Garrett

      the S is because of the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Android phone that broke all kinds of records when it was released and currently smashes ALL existing phones into little pieces.

      Apple will not only jump in the S bandwaggon but those “hummer phones” as Jobs likes to call them will soon see the iphone 5 with a 4inch or bigger screen.

      Im keeping my iphone 4 as long as possible, Im not fooled by gimmicks like most apple fans.

      • MrA

        I upgrade with every new iPhone, you just have to know the right way to do it. For example when iPhone 4 was released I sold my 3GS on eBay for $350 an then bought the iPhone 4 off craigslist for $450. $100, upgrade fee? That’s a better deal than AT&T or verizon will give you.

      • Jjlasvegas

        The S doesnt come from samsung or any other phone company. Don’t you remember the iPhone 3G then the next iPhone was called the 3GS. Now we’ve got the iPhone 4 and the next one will be the iPhone 4s

      • mo

        Mra- You must have bought a used iPhone 4 or a slightly scuffed one because you can’t buy a new one even now on CL or Ebay for that price.

        Back on topic. A few months ago before we had any solid rumors I was so on the bandwagon of buying the next iphone (have a vzvw version currently), but now I won’t since this isn’t really a huge upgrade.

        Hopefully the 2012 edition will be a gamechanger like the 4 was.

  • wtf? iPhone 4GS or iPhone 4S sounds dumb.

  • Am I the only one who instantly thinks of Star Wars?
    “4S” sounds like “Force.”
    I can imagine it now.
    “Use the 4S, Luke!”
    “Oh yeah, I totally forgot there was an app for this!”

    • 7h0masr0ss

      you might change your name to Sith

  • charlesrubowski

    It will be called 4-x

  • Apple

    Iphone 4 1/2

    • 7h0masr0ss

      HA HA HA

  • I don’t think it’s going to be that far off the ip4
    Think I will skip this one and wait for the big improvements in the true ip5 4g handset in 2012

  • PT

    Yes, i know from a company who works with Apple, in my country, that next iPhone it will be 4S, it will be released in June, and it won’t have major hardware changes, only bug fixes, and speed performance.

  • Justin

    Not happy. If that’s all they’re doing is just adding a camera and some new “chips” then there is no reason this phone can’t be launched in the June/July time frame as usual. I’ve said it before, if Apple is making its customers wait longer for this product, and it being iPhone’s 5th birthday/anniversary, and all they did was add a tweak here and there, that’s disappointing. I was at least hoping for the curved back again with the metal backing as well.

  • Tbv

    Even though I love my iPhone 4. I hope Apple will increase the next iPhone screen size to at least 4 inches. The current 3.5 inch screen is too small. Also a bump or RAM to 1GB would be very nice. The A5 processor is more than adequate in the next iPhone. I have an iPad and iPad 2, and the increase in speed in the iPad 2 is very nice.

  • i love iPhone 4G, 4G for ATT, 4S for T-mobile, Sprint and iPhone 5 for Verzion, lol

  • Yeah

    4S means iphone 4 on Steroid

    • Yes the sort of steroids you would give to a hamster

  • Bisonlawyer

    So now I’m more confused. Bus insider says this next iPhone should have 4G speed but Sebastien is saying the chips aren’t ready this next iPhone coming in Sept?

  • iphoneuser16

    I like the sound of 4S