A recent survey by Ericsson revealed that about 1/3 of Android and iPhone users launch at least one application before getting out of bed. Are you surprised? Probably not, especially if you’re like me.

Tina and I have a rule: no iPad or TV in the bedroom. Although I’ve tried to implement the no iPhone rule in the room as well, it’s been hard to enforce for 2 reasons: first, we need our iPhones as we use them as alarm clocks, and second, because we’re freaking addicted to it…

The research – conducted in a number of locations, including the US, parts of Europe and Japan – found that consumers are increasingly connecting to the internet via their smartphones before they even get out of bed. In 2011, 35 percent of US Android and iPhone users said that they interacted with such non-voice apps as Facebook on their smartphones before rising. The ease of internet access is enabling consumers to utilize an increasing number of cloud-based services to perform everyday tasks.

The results of this survey don’t shock be at all. I’m definitely one of those 35% that use their iPhones in bed in the morning. As a matter of fact, I probably use 3-4 apps before I even consider getting up in the morning. That’s my routine: email, RSS feeds, Twitter, and sometimes I also check the blog stats.

Do you use your iPhone before getting up? If so, how many apps do you use?

  • Jared

    Hey Seb,

    I usually use Reeder, Facely HD and sometimes, I just gotta have my Tiny Wings :D!]

    See ya!


    P.S Be should be me towards the end of the article!

    P.S.S I love this website!

    • Thanks, Jared 🙂

      • Juan

        What about The ones who fall asleep with an IP in ours hands?
        I bet The number is greater.

  • Guilty as charged. I launch Twitter, mail, Facebook, MobileSafari and check RSS feeds before getting up.

  • Shrike1978

    Only 35%. I’d bet the other 65% don’t keep their iPhones in reach of their bed.

    • Your Mom.

      And the other 10% pay attention in math class 😉

      • Shaz

        35 + 65 = 100 … i dont get it.

      • Darrin


      • Tomuky


    • Wanker

      Wake and bake with the iBong.

    • DarkReaper

      Nope, my phone is right behind my head when I sleep, and in the morning I only reach for it to disable the alarm. Then up and off I go. This research just tells about the average American, the issue of obesity and lack of self-discipline.

  • Topsy

    I sleep and wake up with my iphone. If I wake at the middle of the night, my iphone is my companion. This article is 100% right.

    • DarkReaper

      How would you know it isn’t left? O.o

  • SRUm1sh

    Mail, Facebook, Weather, eBay, Craigsphone, Calendar- all before I get out of bed! 😉

  • VoiceBrief, and Clock 🙂

  • I check everything on my iPhone before I get out of bed

    Every morning without fail

  • BTW that’s probably the best photo you could have chosen! lol

  • Steven Ray

    No iPad in the bedroom? It’s so perfect before crashing. 🙂

  • Maglor


  • I use Clock, Email, Settings, calendar, and sometimes a random app or two!

    PS. What chat system do you use on this website?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by chat system? The iDB team talks over Twitter, SMS, and Yammer, if that’s what you’re asking

  • Jacksparrow

    So the truth is out. Folks consuming their battery well before they get their day started then wonder why apple products cheat them on battery life.

  • Nice article photo. I used it in one of my comedy YouTube videos.
    Check it out people it’s pretty histerical:

  • Freddixx

    How sad….is this the “Brave New World” we want to live in? Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s kinda sick to be so addicted to a piece of technology which main purpose is just to make a phone call..

  • Wanker

    Have to check all my iPorn apps.

  • I typically check email, the Messages app, and possibly Twitter/Facebook too.

  • mostafa

    just launch angry birds lovely app befor geting sleep

  • Corey

    I’m in bed writhing this from tweetbot

  • black.ice

    Hehehehe me too i am from thoes 35%
    Face book ,emails ,and some other blogs ,,, but i do have ipad in my bedroom :p so i use it most the time ,,thanks for the sharing