Peter Hajas is the genius behind a different take on the iOS push notification system called MobileNotifer. He’s a prominent figure in the jailbreak community with a wonderful, open-source philosophy on software.

In a recent interview with Joshua Tucker of ModMyi, Peter sat down and talked about some interesting developments. His amazing iOS notification replacement for jailbreakers, MobileNotifer, is entering its fourth beta with some awesome new features. Peter also talked about a very interesting new jailbreak project called “Widge.”

Check out the full, 15 minute interview after the break…

MobileNotifer is definitely the closest thing to a perfect system for notifications in iOS. If Apple redesigns the current push notification system to look anything like this, it will be fantastic.

Beta4 of MobileNotifer should be arriving very soon in Cydia (repo: It will add:

  • New alert style
  • Lockscreen – list of pending alerts
  • Intelligent alert and dismiss on pending list – dismisses alerts automatically (whether you open the app that has the notifications or you click the notification window)
  • Speed improvements, memory efficiency, less affect on battery life

Peter also plans on adding the “quick reply” feature that BiteSMS offers to jailbreakers for messages. We can’t wait for that.

Widge is a very interesting project that will allow users to install widgets for iOS in the Spotlight page of the iPhone’s home screen. From what Peter said in the interview, Widge will work much better than similar methods like LockInfo and will do much better with performance and battery life.

MobileNotifier Beta4 is probably one of the slickest and coolest extensions the world of jailbreaking has to offer. It’s iOS notifications done right.

What did you think of ModMyi’s interview with Peter? What about MobileNotifier? Are you excited for Widge?

  • Mick

    He said ages ago in a video presentation that MobileNotifier allowed you to change the colour of the notifications, this certainly isn’t the case on my iPhone 4. Every version I have tried has no option to chnage this which dissapoints me somewhat as I hate the stock 1s with apple and this is the same pretty much.

  • DebTym

    Can someone please answer my question. My iPhone 4 is hacktivated and I don’t have the original sim. So my push notifications aren’t working. Can I use this as an alternative push notification system? Or it will not work also like Boxcar that provides alternative push noti but still needs my push noti to be activated but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Can someone please light me up.

    • This is a bit off topic. I suggest you ask this question in the forums:

    • Saleh

      Try activating ur phone with sam
      Should make psuh work

    • JustSomeGuy

      No. It is not an alternative. It’s a way to enhance the existing system. If yours isn’t working, this would do nothing for you. However, Cydia does have a few fixes you might want to look into.

  • kokhean

    This notification system is way more efficient and looks much better than the stock alerts. And best of all, it’s free! I can’t believe this is only in beta!

  • BrandinoJalapeno

    What do these kids plan on doing when Apple completely revamps notifications in iOS 5 and its frickin awesome?!

    The big problem I see with this is integration with other jailbreak apps and mods like LockInfo and BiteSMS. There’s definitely overlap in functionality and its going to take a coordinated effort to make sure they all work seamlessly. Probably nothing new, but it seems like more and more of the core OS is being replaced, making it more complicated for users that want to utilize all of this, which may not really be conducive to actually improving usability.

  • QuarterSwede

    I think these changes will actually get me to use it. I’m particularly excited about his quicksms system as I’m not a hardcore texter and BiteSMS is a bit buggy/laggy for me and I like things to look as stock as they can. Widge also sounds like widgets done right.

    So far the double overlaid SMS tones and custom tones make this a huge annoyance to use. I gotta have my Mac boot bong.

    • kokhean

      Dude, check Cydia for updates. The SMS tone bug is already fixed.

  • Bow

    SMS tone happens on my phone too for any type of notification. Hate that.

    Also lock screen notification doesn’t show up till after I unlock my phone and go back to it.

  • SEXYY !!

  • Greg

    Tlert SMS tweak is quite good. Check that out in Cydia

  • Muskel

    How does mobilenotifier compare to Notified Pro?