There’s been plenty of debate as to when the iPhone will have 4G speeds. Some think it will happen with Apple’s very next release, but most agree that we won’t see any sort of LTE/4G speeds on our beloved iPhones until at least next year.

While any sort of iPhone 4G may be a long ways away here in the United States, a new case in South Korea is already equipping the iPhone 4 with WiMAX/4G data speeds…

Korean Telecom has announced its Portable Mobile WiMax Egg Series. Model KWF-B2500 is a sleeve designed specifically for the iPhone 4. The KWF-B2500 is available in black and promises 4 hours of continuous 4G surfing time on a single charge. The sleeve weighs 2.4 ounces and is 8mm thick. The price of the KWF-B2500 translates to about $120.

WiMAX currently offers up to 40Mbit/s down. That’s pretty stinking fast.

Sadly, no such technology is available in the States. But you can pick up Verizon’s LTE MiFi or the Sprint Overdrive for 4G connectivity on the go.

What do you think of this handy iPhone case? We wonder how well it actually improves the iPhone’s data speeds, assuming it works as advertised.


  • Thomas

    Haha, the iPhone has install0us on it.

    • Angelo

      Are you an Expert? 😀

      • Allen

        You can find the install0us icon on the photo 😉

  • Mohamed Elhamdi

    Install0us and olleh network

  • Cameron

    this guy goes cheep… LIKE ME! 😀

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    huauhaua, this pic installous awsome! everybody who jailbreak iDevices might have, even if they don’t use, most of them might have for sure!

    by the way, it is no use for me, I have Mxtube to compress videos from youtube…

    hum… you know what for those who use netflix or other streaming service or for those who might want to upload HD videos would behandfull.

    what else would be good to have more internet speed?

  • Daniel CG

    lol @ installous on the phone. (BTW: It’s not Install0us, it’s installous)

  • Daniel CG

    Will this work for the iPod touch? That would be so cool 🙂

    • You might first have to cut a hole in the side of your iPod for a sim card and then you would need to add a modem and get a baseband. It would be messy. I guess buying an iPhone would be easier?

  • Daniel CG

    Also, it could work in the US with Sprint, if you can find a way to unlock it (Sprint uses WiMax for it’s 4G)

    • No one uses sprint anymore gsm is the future get used to it