If you’ve been looking for Facebook integration in iOS, a new jailbreak tweak called FBUploader allows you to upload photos straight from the iPhone’s Camera Roll to Facebook. Typically, you would have to open the Facebook app, attach an image, add a caption, tags, etc. and upload from there.

With FBUploader installed on your jailbroken iPhone, you will have the option to upload to Facebook from inside the iPhone’s Photos app…

FBUploader adds itself to the bottom of the options menu in the Photos app. Once authenticated through Facebook Connect, you will be able to send your pics to Facebook with ease.

There are no new icons or settings to configure once the tweak is installed. When an image is attached, an accompanying status can be added before uploading to your Facebook account.

Check out this video demo:

FBUloader is pretty simple, and it offers integration with Facebook that Apple could implement in iOS 5. But that’s just speculation at this point. Apple is rumored to be introducing a feature dubbed “Photo Stream” in iOS 5 this summer.

This jailbreak tweak is nice, but it lacks two key features: batch photo uploading, and photo tagging. The developer has stated that he is working on bringing batch uploads to FBUploader in a future update.

FBUploader is available for $1.99 in Cydia.

What do you think of this tweak? Is it useful for you?


  • discodad

    we have that already: “isocialshare” in cydia. and it also adds twitter& tumblr.

    • sublime

      it’s a shame that it only uploads to yfrog.

    • Eric

      iSocialshare doesn’t do it from the camera app though. This does, though it’s not mentioned in the article. They muis all the little things on here. Not the most tech savvy writers on here

  • Juan

    Doesn’t sound useful to me. I’ll pass.

  • alice

    doesn’t work on my 3Gs firmware 4.1.. anyone know why?

    • G Funk Money

      confirmed. does not work on my 3GS running iOS 4.1. even after a reboot.

  • Ben

    Would be better if it allowed you to select a folder to where you want to upload it to.

  • ssombra

    You can send photos to facebook from the Camera app via email. Each Facebook account has an email address that you can use to send photos. You can even add a comment to the photo in the subject of the email.

  • QuarterSwede

    I think the benefit here is that it allows up to upload to a specific folder (not just the mobile one). Unfortunately, the dev put the button right below the Cancel button. Bad UI choice.

  • Fojam

    Because its so hard to open the facebook app…

  • Joel

    Does not seem to work on my iPhone 4 running 4.1… tried rebooting.

  • Element_Hg

    Cydia Description: *Requires iOS 4.2 or higher* …

  • Why do you need this when there is qTweeter?